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31.08.2019 16:00:04
1808 Falcon Good Cheap Beginners FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review фото

This inexpensive little quadcopter should be a great intro camera drone for beginner fliers. Available in 4K or 1080p. Also available bundled with one, two, or three batteries. Find it here

- Inexpensive drone. Should be affordable for most.
- Folding drone that's small and unobtrusive. Easy to carry, and shouldn't create too much problems with the drone phobic.
- Lightweight drone at 117 grams with battery. This drone may not require registration in some countries.
- Very nice flier. Nimble and fast. Advanced fliers may even enjoy this drone.
- Optical flow belly camera automatically holds the drone in steady hover.
- Altitude hold and headless mode.
- Real time FPV video can be viewed on your phone via the HFun app. Video is transmitted via 2.4Ghz WiFi, so should work with most smartphones. Camera also includes a swivel lens that can be tilted up or down.

- Uses 2.4Ghz WiFi FPV video transmission. Although the WiFi will work with most phones, it does create interference with the controller (which also operates on 2.4Ghz). Expect short FPV range (about 40 meters) and video frame dropping as a result.
- The 4K version of this drone does not appear to actually utilize a 4K image sensor (keep in mind that at this price level, it is a toy drone). Instead, the video quality appears to be similar to a 720p sensor. The video is interpolated (software enlarged) via the HFun app to 2K resolution (2048 x 1080p), and photos to 4K resolution(4095 x 3072p). But doing such only increases the file size of the photos and videos, and will not improve the 720p image quality.
- The image quality of the belly optical flow camera is even worse, and appears to be a 480p camera interpolated to 720p.
- I have not seen or evaluated the image quality of the cheaper 1080p version of this drone. But based on some of the above cons, it may very well be interpolated to 1080p from a lower resolution sensor.

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test flight
flight test
flite test

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31.08.2019 16:08:55
Good to see you back my friend!
Rodrigo Martinez
18.12.2019 20:08:45
Hi there, my brother´s drone came without proper instructions. Do you know any site to download them? Thanks Regards
Mujtaba Tahir
31.08.2019 16:02:23
Level Drone RC
04.02.2020 06:31:08
I like it very zippy thank you for the recommendation
Bill M - RC
01.09.2019 01:34:20
Welcome back :-) nice shirt & good review as always :-)
Ham McDoodler
05.10.2019 04:49:35
What's the App called
Quadcopter 101
14.02.2020 19:29:13
Find this drone here bit.ly/1808FalconUses "Hfun" app play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.h8&hl=en_US
Ridgeflyer 32
31.08.2019 18:11:04
Great to see you back!! You made my morning extra awesome.
Larry Cutrone
31.08.2019 21:11:51
Glad to see you back!
02.09.2019 22:25:03
Welcome back I do know the area you live in the desert ???? is crazy hot in the summer so I don’t blame you for taking a break from reviews.
fj toys aeromodels
31.08.2019 16:03:24
07.11.2019 16:36:22
I am very happy thank you for the video, now I now how to use the drone and to control it.????
Gibson Angel René
31.08.2019 17:50:19
Happy to see you again ????????????????????????????????????????????????
christophe joiris
29.01.2020 20:01:31
Hello how to make a calibration with the fine tuning ? ☹️☹️☹️ Thank you very much
LockRock RCs
31.08.2019 23:21:31
Glad to see you back. I was wondering what happened.
ben wall
31.08.2019 19:40:43
Welcome back glad your.able to get to flying again.
Christopher Lee
24.11.2019 19:31:35
Thanks for the Falcon review; just got one and appreciate the instruction.
31.08.2019 16:09:57
So glad that you are back with another great video!
31.08.2019 16:24:11
Hope your quake damage wasn't horrible. Max in Indio!!
dark eyndyel
31.08.2019 20:16:29
yey! q101 is back!!!
Mike Cardillo
31.08.2019 17:01:41
So happy you and family  are safe  hope the damage to you're home was not bad. I  was happy to get a notification from you keep up the great video's. Mike from  Mississippi
30.09.2019 22:52:19
bad quality camera
CP Budget RC
31.08.2019 16:31:05
Good to see you again its maybe a month since your last video
Brian Boring
05.09.2019 23:53:38
Good to see you back making videos again! My brother and I were in John’s Pizza when the 7.1 hit. It was intense man! Glad to hear you and the family are doing ok!
mark h
14.02.2020 11:51:15
What is the app
Rolando Avendaño
31.08.2019 22:51:31
Nice to have you back. Sad to hear what your family and you suffered due to the earthquakes. Regards.
Łukasz Litwiejko
31.08.2019 16:02:15
Fifth good video
awangku bahrin pg ahmad tajuddin
31.08.2019 16:01:56
Joseph Jolly
31.08.2019 20:12:39
Nice video, glad you and your family are doing well.????
31.08.2019 19:35:48
Great to have you back & glad you & your family are doing ok. Excellent review!!
Joseph Jolly
31.08.2019 20:12:53
Nice video, glad you and your family are doing well.????
martin nunez
02.01.2020 21:47:13
Hello great video .does anybody have an idea where to get extra batteries for this drone ?thanks in advance
Quadcopter 747
31.08.2019 19:02:41
Nice to see you again, greeting from Bangkok, Thailand.
Bill Somrak
31.08.2019 20:46:08
I figured you were in PA, but you normally post a few videos from PA, so wasn't sure. Saw your FB post mentioning the quake. I would think that as long as you & yours have been in CA., you'd be used to rumblings by now. I understand that earthquake insurance for homes out there is pretty expensive .. not surprising given the number of quakes. Sort of like trying to get flood insurance in FL. or NO. Well, glad you're back to posting .. I'm sure your 164K subscribers are all happy. Cheers.
Traci mike
01.10.2019 21:57:39
Amazing review “just subscribed” ❤skyias,com/drone has it on sale! Its been amazing thank u again for reviewing
Jose Alexandre La Salvia
31.08.2019 16:12:36
Missing you 101, welcome back!
drie wiel
04.09.2019 11:12:11
It was a mag 9 shock you were gone from YT.
01.09.2019 15:55:25
Great to see you, hope everythings ok.
Jestin Loveday
31.12.2019 22:01:10
I downloaded the app but I can't seem to get the camera to turn on.
11.01.2020 14:13:30
Why is the delay on the drone video of a ~10s delay
08.02.2020 05:46:08
I have problem with recording problem. I use xiaomi a1 phone, but the app said no enought memory for recording. Did i use a wrong phone type? Or ios? Or there is spesific spec to this drone to work with?
jonespvp 575
04.09.2019 14:44:55
This channel has helped me a lot in my drone flying I have been a ""pilot"" or drone flyer for about a year now I started out with a wltpys drone. That one broke because I crashed it at the nabors house. I didn't let that stop me I bout another cheap drone similer to the wltoys. Now I have a holy stone hs110. And I recently got another drone from a friend who had crashed it in his nabors house. Unfortunately he didn't want the drone back after I fixed it. Very sad
Melted_Ice_Cream 101
12.12.2019 16:12:26
What did you do as your job?
Dexter Gord
31.08.2019 17:35:32
Great your back mate
Mauro Rover
31.08.2019 16:01:35
Dawid Jandzinski
31.08.2019 16:07:02
9th like and i really want a drone :(((
Rodrigo Martinez
05.01.2020 17:23:57
Hello again mate. Have you got a reference for a spare battery?
Angelfish S
31.08.2019 17:51:37
Welcome back ????????
31.08.2019 16:16:27
Good to see you again, glad you're back.
RD's Drone Reviews
31.08.2019 18:13:25
Good to see you back Jim!
04.09.2019 19:55:31
Hello, please could you recommend the best drones between £120- 250, Thanks!
31.08.2019 17:48:00
Glad to see you are back and more importantly everything is ok.
chandra mohan
11.02.2020 08:27:27
How much is its battery backup
chandra mohan
11.02.2020 08:26:11
Someone will tell how this product is
Dakota Weinshrott
30.12.2019 00:46:52
I believe the drone has three different speed settings if you press down the left analog stick. and yes the drone does flip if you press down the right analog stick and then press the direction you want it to flip. And the button that fixes it from drifting I believe does work. At least on my falcon. Otherwise good video. I learned some stuff from that h fun app from you that I haven't figured out because I gotta upgrade my phone first. Bad service where I'm at
Michael Tatom
03.09.2019 20:26:22
I worked at the Albertsons in Ridgecrest about 20 years ago. It's a California city off US 395 out in the middle of nowhere. Hot and boring.
John Wedrall
01.09.2019 10:32:02
Nicely laid out review ????
Bad guy's
08.09.2019 17:43:03
What do u think is better the visuo xs809s or this 1808 falcon?
Miguel Cayuela
31.08.2019 16:35:36
I'm glad you're back, thanks for your interesting videos !!
31.08.2019 17:13:20
Glad your back my favorite reviewer
Jo G
14.02.2020 07:09:59
$33? Dang, and I thought I was getting a deal at $65 from Amazon Prime >_< I'm fine with my purchase so far though.
Latoja Fam
31.08.2019 16:02:10
01.09.2019 14:05:15
Happy you and your family are all ok yes boy your shirt is loud glad your back hope not to much damage to your house you could use a drone to scan the damage
La passion du Drone
03.09.2019 02:03:30
Bonjour de France J'adore vos review continuez comme ça je vous adore, vous m'avez manqué
Martin Smith
31.08.2019 16:01:08
31.08.2019 18:06:46
Good to see you back QC101! Greetings from the Netherlands
grant poole
28.01.2020 12:33:26
Nice drone for the price, any idea why the fpv wouldn't work? I bought one of these to learn to fly with after you review but for the life of me can't get the fpv up
31.08.2019 19:09:14
Welcome back buddy. Great review ???????? ????
Greg Lacanlale
13.02.2020 08:03:10
What's the apps name of this drone pls can someone tells me
Todd Montgomery
01.09.2019 03:14:47
Hello nice review of a nice flyer..????.. good to see you back..????.. we felt the earthquake here to Long Beach ca... good the Family is OK....
Shane Barber.
07.11.2019 07:51:03
I just love watching drone videos. I own two drones now.My really good drone is on the way from China????✈????.it's a whole lot like a mavik two drone. But slightly different. The one I use for now is A6 GPS drone from LLRC .I keep having problems with the GPS on the app.but I found another app.I hope this one works. Cause its a good drone and I can't afford another drone ????????I don't know what to do about it.Thank you so much and God bless you always. Great video ????????
Richard Barton
31.08.2019 16:34:29
Welcome back !  - We were giving up hope of seeing you again !
05.11.2019 19:37:15
Apk name?
31.08.2019 16:01:06
Where have you been!?
Lui Amador
31.08.2019 22:20:01
Welcome back! You were missed. Hoping all is well after the earthquakes.
21.10.2019 01:08:14
David Reynolds
31.08.2019 18:58:31
A few minor glitches but what do you expect for the price. I was wondering why you hadn’t been on the air for a while, hope you and your family are okay after the drama you’ve been through with the earthquake.
Dean Daniels
01.10.2019 00:35:03
Hi Q101,just like to say I'm really lovin the channel and what would you say is the best version of the 1808 falcon is.