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10.06.2015 00:00:00
Syma X5SW Quadcopter with WIFI FPV Camera фото

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Deepak singh
31.08.2017 21:18:33
Chutiya sala
16.09.2018 17:46:05
Which is a better color of these drone black or white
Jahnavi Karumanthra
23.02.2018 19:44:59
how much is it
Dhananjay Kumar Gupta my DJ channel
11.06.2018 18:42:04
Eustace Victor
22.05.2018 01:15:42
What's if your in flight and the app crashes
قناة المنوعات
29.03.2018 19:29:42
not good quadcopter
panchdev singh
03.12.2017 16:53:21
06.11.2017 19:18:13
Will u make vedio of comparison of syma x5sw and eachain e38
Savage Myke19
19.02.2018 23:05:57
WTF unbelieveble
Wrall Craft
01.01.2018 14:32:33
J Tom
25.01.2018 21:01:26
X5SW - 1 And X5SW About the same?
Janardhana P
14.10.2017 12:06:41
Good video...it helped me know the camera quality...i drop idea of buying this one..
Cliff for #1
26.09.2019 04:28:55
Good honest review. Thanks.
Anurag Mondal
10.10.2019 10:54:23
How long can it fly?
17.09.2019 12:18:12
And I have a white x5sw
Mohith gammer /roster
23.04.2019 09:55:49
I suggest you turn on the screen recorder ????????
Jonathan Loza
29.11.2017 09:46:44
Helpful thank you
15.01.2018 12:55:48
it has a rechargeable battery?
James H
02.11.2017 15:58:17
Can anyone tell me how much flight time I can get out of the battery
Shawn Ireland
17.11.2019 05:39:49
Thanks for the review looking for something for my little brother... I have a pricey dji and I'm afraid to let him fly it. So looking for a inexpensive one for him. At 34.99 on Amazon it's much better than him crashing my phantom lol
06.11.2017 19:17:14
U are good
Vatsal Joshi
29.10.2019 13:13:21
Sergio Dominguez
28.11.2017 06:04:08
How much does it cost
Frank smith
26.04.2018 10:34:27
take a picture of the air blowing the quad
Dumindu Mendis
09.03.2018 20:33:19
I bought syma x5sw recently. The camera was good man but It handles the wind a little.
bass fishing
15.01.2018 21:15:49
You americans are so funny
Meren Lkr
18.01.2020 08:30:40
Lucas Brito
14.05.2018 01:17:04
What better? That There or the x5c-1?
HyBye ❶
23.01.2019 09:41:12
Very nice video thank you so much ❤️
sahoo lucky
26.02.2020 20:18:05
Hight ?
Suvas Chandra
05.01.2018 20:54:59
how many price
M. Seth kh
04.04.2018 08:23:43
How much
Dustin p Lee
24.09.2019 16:25:17
Do you have to be on WiFi all the time or can you go away from WiFi or can I use my LTE and does the phone clamp come with the drone
ReyCzar Apatan
14.10.2017 17:56:15
Hope if i buy that Drone i get 2 batteries
Eustace Victor
22.05.2018 01:17:17
How high does it go
shoash 5h0ash
28.12.2017 02:44:35
Are you muslim
रवि कुमार रवि
30.06.2019 20:02:24
Boss I by syma x5swcamera how to fly this please do expression to me how can I control the reamord cantrolor
Rohan Kumar
16.03.2019 10:28:05
Can the videos taken by the camera be shown on the computer?
Kumar Abhi
12.01.2018 22:46:22
What' s quality of camera
sar na
01.12.2017 18:47:42
can you tell me how much price this things in bangladesh
Luching Tayenjam
23.08.2017 18:29:49
Please unbox and review syma x8w
nisar ddk
23.10.2017 07:44:49
What is the cost of this drone
Kenneth Ekenseair
24.12.2017 06:09:26
I enjoy watching the videos on youtube
jagruti bhavsar
14.01.2018 17:33:43
Aas salame kul
03.09.2017 14:08:47
Nigga. My controller didnt work. Im glad they added some controller on the app.
12.09.2017 05:54:13
Wonderful im a drone lover
Eustace Victor
22.05.2018 01:09:31
Any photo examples
James Chow
01.09.2019 10:05:34
I love this drone
Tiku Patel
15.12.2018 08:38:42
Awesome video nice
11.01.2018 09:09:46
Good demo, however your demonstration of videos was not shown.
Flyin High
16.01.2019 18:43:25
Just bought this for my dad for his first drone. Syma makes a decent drone and you can’t beat the price lol
yahya saad
01.01.2018 04:33:49
That’s a cool drone
17.09.2019 12:17:37
I am a Muslim
Dimas Rozi Santoso
09.11.2017 15:46:39
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتهI am from Indonesia
robert3run '_'
25.12.2017 19:30:23
How can i flip
Babu Mudalagi
09.11.2019 19:46:17
This camera set for all drone
Jagdish Ranshinge
12.07.2018 16:59:58
drone very good bout
Rahil Shake
10.08.2019 10:02:16
Bhai is k ok lana ka liya kya krna ho gay
Rithvik DS
02.09.2017 18:25:16
Is highly stable? Does it have altitude hold?
catlover 1 1 1
30.12.2017 06:12:45
Can you review HK192W please?
Zaid Rockstar
01.10.2017 18:30:42
Abhishek Thange
20.12.2018 10:34:35
Without camera will it fly?
Alvaro Arellano
06.04.2018 15:23:19
Jerwin Sabaulan
25.02.2019 05:48:11
What meams if turn on wifi dnt need internet
Martin Blovice
21.12.2018 18:22:20
Priyanshu Shekhar
09.06.2019 06:23:35
I phone me contact nhi ho rha hi
James Frushon
15.10.2017 03:57:24
Very nice...more funny stuff between review points!
cs tiga efisiensi
22.10.2017 02:41:04
wow dis is dhe dron
EDM TV Official
25.08.2017 12:19:30
kire tui tor hola myiar khelna toys curi kore loiasos. atato valo kam koros nai
Savin Babu
10.09.2017 15:55:09
Video steaming distance
13.12.2017 09:12:37
does it require wifi for it to work?
Brijesh Kumar
31.03.2018 12:37:00
What is cost of drone

27.01.2018 12:29:40
i can your email addrs ...?
arvin james ancheta
08.12.2018 16:33:27
What kind of review is this no video sample?????
Sangid Ahmed
27.01.2018 13:43:16
This toy in Bangla desh or other place
रवि कुमार रवि
30.06.2019 20:03:13
Please sear contact number
joueur de football
14.11.2017 22:41:27
Matteo Sodini
20.08.2018 22:56:06
How long does the battery live?
10.01.2019 08:44:35
Price kiya hai
Sahban Ansari
07.03.2018 12:00:44
price kitna he