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15.10.2016 07:42:22
After FPV? Seat of the pants RC plane flying фото

From the skunkworks of RunCam Ron comes the RC plane ground-cockpit invention that makes you feel like a real pilot. Watch as Runcam Ron flies his Parkzone Trojan all the way to the scene of the crash.

Runcam Ron has his own channel here:

RC plane
model aircraft
virtual reality
seat of the pants
first person view

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15.01.2018 21:31:32
Pretty cool idea. Would be great with a little work and a nice head tracking fpv setup.
16.05.2018 19:30:40
Ron is THE MAN - what a strange and ingenious project. Brilliant.
20.04.2018 17:22:36
always some chatter-mouthed jackass bugging a dude when he's trying to fly.
Patrick-A. Lange
24.12.2017 16:18:43
What a good idea, filed the patent...
Curve Ahead
09.03.2018 14:41:50
With a POV, this would be perfect.
Mike White
22.12.2019 17:38:54
Hey, Ron. Would it have been a better idea to have used an old dilapidated trainer model rather than a rather hot scale job. Did you persevere with this seat??? Brilliant idea.
Er0x fpv
08.01.2018 20:15:42
I love this video
dan sanchez
25.01.2018 07:39:52
Cool idea, put an onboard live feed camera and put a vr head set on.
Joey S
26.05.2018 09:13:13
ron you have to put a swivvel on that chair still great idea
22.11.2017 07:27:12
lol love it
J Huff
20.01.2019 20:13:53
Don't use this at the park. "Daddy, what are those two men doing?" "Well Sweetie one is working his joystick while the other one watches"
Derek Dvorak
31.03.2018 06:44:28
refine. springs to center the stick. good idea just needs the refining.
al fork
11.03.2018 21:42:02
Needs plane mounted camera pilot view and a screen on the cockpit with a hood
Marlon27 Myrie
10.01.2018 20:10:06
05.11.2017 11:15:02
bipola telly
04.04.2019 12:26:21
I love Tasmania!
Todd Edson
23.06.2019 10:33:35
Refine it Ron your on to something buddy.
28.08.2018 04:50:34
If only portals were real. I'd make something like this but pedal powered plane with head tracking FPV and fully pushrod controls. Man that would be fun
Shannon Whitaker
13.01.2018 03:20:57
If the rig was equipped with 4 point harness and the guy was wearing goggles, scarf and helmet I'd deem this a viable set up.
Juan Escobar
18.02.2018 07:12:22
Mate, the kiwi shit talking is best. Cheers????
denti dens
31.01.2018 20:53:59
great idea
marcus faragher
23.05.2018 11:28:10
Good on ya ron. Camera man your a knob. Why not help instead of give shit. Your a tool. Ron your a bloody legend mate
crème brulee
16.01.2020 02:35:05
I thought the seat was the plane and he flew on it little did i know...
Joey S
26.05.2018 09:15:35
if you refine it ron ill buy one
fljúga maður
18.11.2017 10:45:47
great Ron!
15.08.2019 23:46:22
Very nice Seat????
Albert Sjoberg
25.09.2017 14:24:53
Bloody Marvellous Ron. You deserve a place amongst those magnificent men and their flying machines.
laser disk
25.11.2017 09:32:31
How do you trim??.
Daniel Michaud
21.02.2018 05:46:28
Very good idea Congratulations
30.03.2018 20:55:05
The concept is right but, like the man said, it needs a little refining. Simply putting the control box on a table in front of the "seated" pilot would help. The long control cables introduced weaknesses in the system.
Margot Copeland
31.03.2019 01:18:56
I'm certain I saw one of those damn killer drones flying too low, causing this near tragic loss of life!
Алексей Силуков
12.04.2018 18:04:04
Это весело)))
J Huff
20.01.2019 20:10:12
This would be great if someone behind him was using the shake weight.
Engineer Ahmed
20.06.2018 14:07:11
G8 contraption in principle but rudder with feet is sth very hard to train your brain for in for even real plane.Honestly we got to go past Wright brother's controls standard.
Rosario W
09.10.2017 10:03:18
The chair idea is not new I remember a long time ago seeing a "Flight Chair" advertised in R/C model Magazine one thing they had different is that it was higher off the ground and it was on a swivel base so one person would fly and the other person stood behind the pilot and turned the chair to keep the plane in front at all times, I actually thought it was a good idea but I don't think it ever caught on? because I only seen it advertised for a few months and then nothing? I think it has a lot of potential now days because of how much the technology has advanced. Think about that for a moment....... maybe use a Arduino & stepper motors to "Track" the plane sort of like a antenna tracker does? All kind of ideas come up- yeah it would be a lot of work but add what s14duma said & it would be one hell of a FPV Pilot's seat!!!!
James Billington
19.08.2018 09:08:56
I would buy something like this if it could be perfected.
Rory Lion
19.10.2018 21:04:32
Just needs a camera feed to a screen with some flight information on it. Spring centering of the controls with a trim function will also be needed. Put that lot in and I’m sure it will work
11.04.2019 23:00:06
Typed RC pants, was not disappointed!
Dan Han
19.05.2018 05:49:47
What a dick head commentator.
09.06.2018 10:31:25
L'idée est originale.... mais je conseillerais à ce pilote de choisir un avion à aile haute, comme un avion de début, beaucoup plus stable, pour tester cette innovation. Et non ce type de modèle à aile basse, avec un bras de levier très court, style warbird, dont le vol n'est pas des plus rassurants.
Fabio Fabius
19.01.2018 15:33:56
Can't imagine RC world without Bruce and Ron.Number one
Rory Lion
23.01.2020 13:31:22
Love it closer to real flying.....
Morning View
13.11.2017 19:22:46
rofl at "it's all become too much for poor old Ron" rofl wtf
20.12.2019 15:01:25
I'm looking at doing the same thing at the moment. Electronically though. As RunCam Ron said. Pretty straight forward to do now, well, in my mind anyway. I'll be going FPV also as without it I feel it would be pretty hard to fly without it. That getting behind you is not a good feeling....lol
R Conroy
12.12.2018 07:10:42
This is a awesome idea. Keep trying till you get it right!! People would buy this
johnny llooddte
16.05.2018 03:16:19
that was very impressive..youll tweak it soon
Grumpy Modeler
01.07.2019 19:58:39
Help him make one that connects to the trainer port.
John GREEN Ferguson
20.02.2018 11:01:38
Tell Ron Just To Build An Experimental Plane To Actually Then Fly In! LMAO
Daniel Rodriguez
21.03.2018 20:52:22
Kool, but i would put my boot in that idiot for talking shit,
23.09.2017 17:14:11
Refine the cockpit chair! I thought of the same thing, but Ron did it! I would buy one! Do it!
Ray Conger
16.11.2017 23:22:59
He probably used to fly to real ones . Have you ever tried to back a trailer with everyone watching? It works okay if you've practiced with everyone watching! Give him some time and I'm sure his cockpit invention and will improve.
Michael Gaskin
13.02.2018 20:49:31
Awesome, our club has one. and it is very fun to fly with.
02.12.2017 12:11:47
Imagine buying an old seat, stick etc. from a plane, putting a HD-camera in the plane, and some VR-glasses. It will be like you are really flying the plane.
10.11.2017 06:33:23
Too bad about the idiot narrator. If he'd kept his mouth shut I might have enjoyed the video. Next time, 'Shut Up!' If you can't add anything intelligent, keep your mouth closed! My hat is off to the gentleman doing the flying with his home made simulator/chair. With some experience and some trial and error he'll get the hang of it. Next time maybe he'll leave the moron with the camera out of it.
24.09.2017 19:49:13
Whats so funny? Hes having fun.. fuck off
American Brandon
29.11.2018 22:28:18
Do they sell this in real life
Jaystarz2000 gaming
24.03.2018 12:17:07
New type of drone RC cocpit and play flight simulator while flying an RC plane sugestion with real flying instruments.
Walk With Wally
13.02.2018 06:53:17
OMG you guys are hilarious. Fock Canadia! I’m moving to New Zealand!
Brian E. Scott
18.11.2017 01:24:35
I asked my brother who is an engineer, (before seeing this video) about this concept. I love the idea, and don't see why it hasn't caught on yet. It would be much more fun than holding the radio control. Small cameras could be placed behind the model planes windscreen so that the view fed to the "cockpit" would be real. The throttle, rudder, yoke, flaps, and everything else would be just as in a real cockpit. I don't see why not; the technology is already there.
Augustine Sullivan
27.05.2018 22:54:12
If you was there to make fun of that pioneer sorry buddy ure the idiot!!Go NAVY!!Just coming up with a chair remote shows just how much brain power he still has going for him!!
26.05.2018 19:47:24
That's so much fun....and fpv it make it have roll and pitch to for feel.
johnny llooddte
16.05.2018 03:12:52
now make the chair and man fly
Andre Luiz
02.02.2020 19:33:21
Nick Glasson
22.03.2018 01:24:57
Your annoying to me and ron, leave him be. U distracted him and that's why he had a crash it's on you.You enjoyed the negatives, pull your head in.
Ed Will
19.02.2018 03:05:53
Lesson one make sure you are alone when testing as not having a cackling guy talking smack around you........Great idea, video gamer's have gaming chairs, actually people have spent big bucks on them...imagine how many RC folks would buy a RC chair.....?
Charles Blake
03.05.2018 19:34:12
that's a good idea, refine it.
Doug McPheters
09.10.2018 03:01:46
You jinxed him Matey. Encourage the man.
Bart Enz
10.03.2018 17:01:14
Nice setup for a start, fly by wire, servos linked to the radio sticks,
Paul Weber
09.12.2017 08:13:22
???????????????? ??????????????????
22.02.2018 09:51:35
Ron and Bruce are clearly great friends. To those that think Bruce is “being mean” to Ron all I can tell you is, get some friends. Keep up the good work guys!
Joey S
28.04.2018 04:15:07
wonder how much expo hes got ?
Brian Emery
20.01.2020 17:12:05
Wow 3 years ago Seems like yesterday I watched this. Would be nice to revisit this but with FPV.
Roger Smith
11.06.2018 21:17:40
Slick idea!! ????
Jaden The gaming King
10.10.2017 03:25:27
That so cool
Daniel harman
08.04.2018 20:35:02
The ron cam
29.04.2018 16:09:32
Whats that saying? Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing? LOL
Unintentional Good
21.09.2017 13:53:14
Well beside the lack of centering with some springs and I guess mechanical endstops, great Idea!!!! But in general I would be an Advocate of using a trainer setup with an arduino and buildin Systems into the chair.
Dr.Bubble Meltsalot
11.03.2018 08:41:58
The cables are too long short in the map and you’ll have better response time
11.02.2018 20:27:10
Video man and commentator is annoying.
Aliyu Ahmed
31.12.2017 22:06:21
This guy is in 2037
John Davies
04.01.2018 18:38:49
Get rid of clown with camera, a real ded head.
11.06.2018 15:40:47
rui simoes
12.01.2020 17:45:03
hey!! nice one. next time do it with a buddy box you get a better chancei think...
23.12.2018 08:17:48
Nice simulater lol
Dave Phantom
09.09.2018 18:47:45
Great idea - I'm sure that with a bit more refinement the 'Chair' will work! It was a shame about the crash. Good luck Ron, I'm sure you'll sort it.
Jesse Heilman
21.03.2018 11:59:42
Seems like the guy with the camera is a real peckerhead
Mike Such
01.02.2018 05:26:57
The 1/8 Airforce rc club in Arizona has a pilots chair where the controls are plugged in like a buddy box. Its different but once i had a half tank done it was better and more precise then thumb stick flying.
Joey S
28.04.2018 04:00:53
you gotta make that chair swivel ron
28.10.2019 15:40:17
Be nice to Ron, he is smart more than you think. Thanks to your idea Ron.