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09.02.2016 18:26:56
TBS Vendetta - FPV RACER фото

TBS Vendetta - FPV RACER
Full carbon fiber monocoque, quick swap arms, solder-free repairs, ready to fly as 240 size fpv racer, for 5" props. But it doesn't stop there! Sporting the brand new TBS Triumph Antenna in combination with the TBS CORE Pro OSD and TBS Unify Pro VTX, the TBS Vendetta allows you to configure every parameter of your FPV racer via R/C stick commands! Each drone comes tuned and test-flown by our professional tuning expert, Magnus. Install a receiver, strap on a 4S battery and the TBS VENDETTA will tear a hole into the sky, and you're coming along for the ride!

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Steve Pilot
19.04.2016 18:36:14
does the vendetta also works with 3s battery?
michael dex
16.02.2016 00:44:26
merde, avoir su que vous alliez sortir cette bombe j'aurais attendu avant de m'acheter un qav210 :)
12.02.2016 02:44:45
I am sure you are sitting back laughing your ass off at how you are getting all the attention, but you have been the single most detrimental character in this entire hobby... freaking ass clowns. You have obvious skills, but shit happens, and I honestly feel we will see you or your clan in handcuffs some day soon. PS - Great video.
11.02.2016 16:28:17
Sehr geiles Video! Damit wäre die Frage ob Vortex oder Vendetta wohl geklärt ;)
blaider pe
02.04.2016 01:01:22
17.02.2016 05:16:47
Great video! Subscription for subscription? #SamuelsViews
barakauto34 BARAK
09.05.2017 02:38:43
Quiet Doom
11.02.2016 23:18:46
“I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.” ― Robert A. Heinlein Stay free TBS
N2 Cat Crew
23.03.2016 16:49:43
Those shots are so sick, love you guys
All About Drones
15.11.2016 06:29:39
People cannot believe how fast drone racing is growing. Channels like your can become very popular.
Tyler Cornwell
18.05.2016 20:43:01
Very amazing video footage
04.11.2016 13:28:56
How much is this
barakauto34 BARAK
27.02.2017 03:17:27
sniperkitty 1400xx
28.03.2016 03:20:40
give it to me
15.12.2016 13:28:21
Cool video but that music though... Who thought that was a good idea?
Zeke Otsuka
20.03.2016 10:43:14
+Team BlackSheep any idea when the ship date got rescheduled for?
02.02.2020 05:51:42
OMG this crappy video looks worse skill wise than me now compared to Johnnys new video 2020
24.02.2016 09:59:01
Possibly the most annoying music ever...
Smock Mountain Productions
15.03.2016 23:11:37
My god all these people complaining need to grow a pair. people are doing far worse things than TBS with quads and wings, go fly and have fun. not going to make a difference if TBS stops or not.
Tobias Bischoff
06.09.2016 22:08:24
Want to upgrade the power of your vendetta for $28? Take a look at this sick motors from china youtu.be/JTN3pUlxIMs
Salty drone
12.02.2016 23:00:15
Flight time 3 to 5 minutes ? ????
27.09.2018 17:04:18
the video that hooked me in fpv. Much memories. Much wow.
Demetri Apostle
15.02.2016 04:42:33
To Alishanmao & team black sheepApart from the fact, that a golf ball after being hit cannot be controlled to where it may land or whom it may hurt...least we forget that if anyone cares about safety - they should start with companies creating cheap toys they call " drones " and sold into the hands of careless kids using them. Bureaucratic rear end wipers who do not have the brains /mental capacity to learn or have the exordinary talent to fly like you guys can. This is not about registering multirotors, but registering the individuals who used them. Against A.M.A . Against human rights. Why don't they also ban helium balloons with go-pro video ??
Bari FPV
01.06.2018 12:29:59
Guys, how do you do all this in UAE? I'm sure it can't after getting approvals because they're too tough when it comes to R/C stuff.
18.10.2016 19:26:23
That hangtime at the end :) saving for mine right now cant wait till get one I want you to send me a hat with it though :)
James Williams
26.07.2016 12:19:28
FPV Racing @AscotRacecourse! Check it out - www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHeAb6IZA5c
07.05.2016 20:44:43
This is an amazing video. I've been watching fpv stuff since loooong before quadcopter drones were even a thing. F'in incredible; keep up the good work.
13.05.2016 11:36:15
fk your good,
Artem Polikarpov
10.02.2016 23:08:26
Keagan Nelka
06.05.2018 19:57:20
All of us dji owner complains about the short flight time , well this one only got 3 - 5 minutes of flight time , that is crazy as hell and this shit could take cooler video than the dji stuff
14.02.2016 14:51:13
Brilliant after you've muted the terrible "music".
Mehmet Akca
12.02.2016 15:25:34
I see u are practising for www.worlddroneprix.com :)
Chip Douglas
12.02.2016 09:02:32
Must to have this drones now! it will make me be The greatest gladiator in all of FPV with this device as soon as i can afford the taranis after i get it. i will just look at it for a bit and sell my drift car.. And I am pretty sure the Burj k will want to use this footage for their promotions(it makes me want to go there) don worry Trappy blood.
05.04.2016 19:11:40
michael dex
16.02.2016 00:15:27
nice quad!
Beverly Hills Aerials
12.04.2016 18:40:31
holy bajeezus
19.02.2016 16:40:50
Demetri Apostle
15.02.2016 04:59:42
To AlishanmaoOne more month till the race begins in Dubai my friend. I truly believe you will be a contending big threat and hope you win !!! Than you maybe you can buy your own open space/ land and tell them to take their rules and regulations and stick where the sun never shines !!! Two thumbs up for you.
06.04.2017 16:27:36
I love team black sheep!
12.02.2016 14:34:20
Pretty sure the shake of Dubai is going to sponsor your next trip! Awesome flying! :D
mark farmer
11.02.2016 00:55:47
Excellent work trappy, think I will have to wait for the second wave of stock. Need to save my pennies. In the mean time I still love my Gemini......keep up the good work sir.
Алексей Томилов
14.02.2016 13:41:03
My ears are bleeding.
15.02.2016 13:07:31
so much badass crammed into 2.39
12.02.2016 14:44:09
Just wow.
11.02.2016 02:26:50
Johnnie J
14.03.2016 02:58:17
OMG I cant believe yall did that to the Burj al Arab lol!!! You guys are NUTZ!!!
The Emerald
28.01.2018 19:53:49
Sankofa Musician
26.02.2016 23:23:06
EPIC!! How did you get away with it? I can't even fly in a park here without the cops threatening to Treyvon me.
11.02.2016 01:05:06
maybe its all related to this www.facebook.com/AerialGP/videos/1007564415952219/
19.05.2016 01:05:28
Amazing video fotage, best I´ve seen made by quad
11.02.2016 23:06:18
you guys are fucking idiots with your flying and will ruin the hobby for everyone if you don't stop....every day i see a new report about how drone are dangerous and they always show clips of your flying!!!!!!
04.11.2016 13:22:33
I subbed