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24.06.2018 14:52:23
FPV - Just another day (StickCam) фото

Some of you asked me to post a StickCam video. So I bought a spare GoPro Session, designed a 3D-printed GoPro Taranis mount, and here it is. :-)
I hope this is what you expected !

My setup:
5" - 5S quad running KISS
FPV cam tilt: 65 deg
GoPro tilt: 65 deg
- No 3D mode -

You can download the StickCam mount CAD files, and all the 3D-printed parts I have designed for my miniquads here:
Check out my Instagram account: _roque/

Thanks Newbeedrone for keeping me in the air !
Happy flying ! ????????????

rotor riot
rolling orbit
stick cam
high tilt

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Jesse Gyger
26.06.2018 23:23:24
Dang, nice flying. Unique style! You mind if I ask what your camera angle is? I'd guess it's pretty high. Thanks!
09.07.2018 05:42:31
Your flying is mesmerizing bro! just wow!
Claudio Pozo Veloso
30.06.2018 02:58:28
wtf your quad!! :O 65º omg. Pretty cool flight
GapSnapper FPV
06.08.2018 04:34:21
Stick Cam Ain't gonna do it Its gonna take several quads hundreds of US Dollars in batteries and more free time than I actually have to even get close to this Oh and of course the MAGIC Go Pro Mount :-) lol
Xplicit fpv
25.06.2018 04:06:46
tony Kc
30.11.2018 13:11:22
Tu me fais halluciner C beau p... ????????Envoûtant majestueux.... je m’abonne ????
Sugar K
09.07.2018 18:08:03
The mode one stick cam just makes it even more mind boggling for the most of us ????
Cruis3z FPV
26.06.2018 13:18:58
Too good man! It's all about the tilt & you can fly it!..So Awesome ????????
24.06.2018 22:47:40
omg, lvl 99 freestyle
Arnold Cao
15.08.2018 19:05:27
So smooth Sir :)
Yannis Rooms
23.08.2018 23:54:39
Wow this is amazing!!! This is magical It's like WTF???????????? Awesome job man!!!
25.06.2018 00:23:48
Su much skill, awesome
06.10.2018 23:19:18
sorry but i have to sub ????
30.10.2018 19:43:20
You are god.
David Owens
04.09.2018 09:59:53
Amazing flow... Impossible camera angles, that defy gravity and a rational explanation... Simply Awesome!
02.12.2018 03:26:47
SICK! :) keep on;););)
Gábor Major
24.06.2018 22:40:25
mind bending! awesome!
Flyer FPV
29.06.2018 00:20:08
Awesome man, Im trying it day after day :) step by step
V.S. Maxwell
16.09.2018 23:44:55
I was also trying 65° with my standard eagle Pro, but felt uncomfortably. What lense are you using?
W n
28.06.2018 03:43:46
Beautiful flying as usual! Is that music Yann Tiersen?
26.06.2018 05:48:22
Seriously dude that's awesome
22.08.2018 11:02:50
Congratulations on winning the drib freestyle contest, you won that hands down. I doff my cap to you Sir.
McOoz FPVish
25.11.2018 23:14:13
dude that is SKILLZ...
El 2JM
04.09.2018 20:39:37
Como!!?? Es magia? Eres antigravedad!!?? ????????????????????????
Julie Jones
26.06.2018 03:19:07
Insane, in a good way.
raffy turc
24.08.2018 23:01:11
Wow! ????
Whisper Warehouse
26.07.2018 08:26:51
ahhhh 3d! Awesome flying! I came from LeDrib's channel! sub'd fo sho
Mark Wood
25.06.2018 14:49:22
That is outstanding, really blown away! Truly no 3d? And absolutley no funky throttle mapping trickery there? Im thinking a gimbal is involved then!
26.06.2018 11:29:23
Haha that's crazy. Very well done! Sick skills!
Chuey Vang 559
25.06.2018 06:13:50
Nice video! Please keep them coming!
27.06.2018 20:45:32
I wanna see you coming in to land on 65 degrees
Cory Venezia
24.08.2018 23:18:35
What’s ur camera angle
28.06.2018 06:27:41
That was amazing sir. Glad i stumbled upon your channel and sub’d
25.06.2018 06:31:04
your sticks don't make any sense with the video I just don't get how those movements make that flight you need like 20 cameras setup to catch every angle and a team of editors to properly edit the video to make sense, okay I'm exaggerating alot but still holy shit, 65 degrees huh I guess I'll have to try that some day
laurent DinoDrone
05.08.2018 21:11:30
slt ta camera est positionnée comment ?, car je comprends pas bien comment tu peut rester aussi longtemps a l envers, sinon magnifique et musique adequate bravo
John Hoinville
27.06.2018 14:50:28
Very nice! Some day I may get there, but... I have a lot to learn!
funkdat fpv
01.07.2018 00:21:56
WTF! That was amazing!
25.06.2018 13:51:49
This is mind bending yet again! Congrats, you have some extraordinary skills :)
Mikey Dread FPV
28.06.2018 19:02:46
True art my friend.
30.06.2018 11:26:41
Awesome mate love it????
17.07.2018 05:26:01
Ill bet you flew heli's long before the quad days am i right?
Spiralz FPV
26.06.2018 12:05:47
Mindblowing!!! Thank You, Amazing Flying!! ????????????
David Anderson
15.09.2018 03:55:02
How in the .........you do that! Amazing flying bro!
Jorge Gouverneur
09.07.2018 03:42:29
Love the music you use in all your videos. had to go to the link you provided. Great flying too.
22.09.2018 21:56:38
This is unbelievable...... I bet it's super strange flying at that camera angle!
Ryan Zimmerman
22.08.2018 16:27:16
Brrro what are your rates
25.06.2018 08:33:25
Well done man..nice save too
Curtis Campbell
26.06.2018 05:02:35
Thanks for the stick cam. Just makes it even more mesmerizing.
DGTal VooDoo
01.12.2018 07:31:45
Love it!!!!! Ur my inspiration
Nick Bell
08.07.2018 00:20:48
Nicolaki fpv
31.01.2019 04:51:22
Podrías subir un video de tu kwad en el q expliques como llevas el ángulo de la cámara y la go pro, para pilotar boca abajo, es una pasada
Renato Elias
26.06.2018 06:03:23
sick flying Florent!Hey... is there any chance to share the gopro mount? ????
09.09.2018 06:37:07
Pure control content Amazing ????????????
SUICIDE ƒpv style
02.07.2018 04:07:10
Full Time Junglist
15.07.2018 15:35:27
Killed that dude. Very nice. :)
24.08.2018 03:53:33
Wow, thank you for sharing the stick cam!
Lenny Gordon
02.08.2018 04:49:43
What the ....But.... Jeeezzzuss! The talent. Its like watching performance art that makes you want to cry while riding a carny ride that makes you want to hurl at the same time. I'm conflicted.
Martin S.
12.02.2019 18:23:54
wtf, where is the gravity :O :D very nice (y)
Ashish Faustine
01.07.2018 06:07:14
Wow coolHow is this possible?3d?
04.07.2018 00:15:41
2:30 - and after this awesome session, the drone flew to the moon ????
David Martin
25.06.2018 14:51:10
Thanks for sharing Florent... You make it look too easy! Just need to translate from Mode 1 now :)
25.06.2018 01:58:03
Sir your flying is truly inspiring! Wow....just....WOW!! Very very nice!!
25.06.2018 02:03:04
Matty will have to learn how to do Florent Flips. Love the mood the music sets with your tree dancing. It's mesmerizing.
27.06.2018 16:16:50
Miracle FPV
28.09.2018 06:01:45
Amazing flight ~^^
Leadballoon fpv
25.01.2019 17:20:34
Another killer flight and edit. ????
Won's FPV
25.06.2018 18:46:04
Steven Collongues
01.10.2018 22:01:36
Le combo musique et vol est tellement relaxant, continue de proposer du contenu de ce niveau, franchement ????
Purple Bee
27.06.2018 16:13:32
tu assure grave.... dommage que tu ne soit pas de notre planète:)
LowLow Drone FPV Racer
19.09.2018 13:08:23
10.07.2018 01:43:07
Dang, I could've sworn it was 3D ????
25.06.2018 04:38:20
Damn... you make it look so easy!
Dale Pattison
22.08.2018 10:45:28
Congrats on the le drib contest! Insane skills
Hillbilly FPV
25.07.2018 07:27:03
Absolutely... Sub'd!!!
Randall Smith
11.12.2018 14:08:06
????.. wow, just wow!!!
Pacific Northwest Pilots
15.01.2020 07:43:48
25.06.2018 04:01:34
I fly mode 1 too!!! I still. Don’t know how you did it though... haha
Lipo Killa
26.06.2018 21:37:19
bohr fpv
26.06.2018 19:28:41
Subbed, bravo Florent, j'ai adoré !
Scoot Roter
22.08.2018 21:30:21
Subbed and LIKED! Amazing flying, my friend!
Bryan Peters
28.06.2018 22:02:21
Some of this is still uncomprehendable
Admar Godoy
26.11.2018 14:52:24
Awesome!! Looks like prop reverse... :^)))
BlueLine FPV
16.10.2018 01:13:02
Such awesomeness. Seeing your moves from another aspect with your stick cam really makes it seem even more impossible lol Great stuff man!!!
26.06.2018 00:43:09
ouff, on dirait un vol 3d ;)
13.08.2018 08:36:03
Took me 4 watch throughs to realize this is mode 1... My brain hurts a little less now
Marc Vandecapelle
26.06.2018 20:40:08
Wahoo ???? C'est démoniaque !?! l'aisance à la qu'elle tu manis les sticks ????
Jim Leffler
14.12.2018 08:30:11
refael bokobza
24.06.2018 23:36:12
Dance with trees . amazing!!!
Peachy's RC and Games
17.01.2019 19:26:26
25.06.2018 13:31:21
encore un nouveau trick, le slow roll orbit !! bravo mec ????????????????
Joost Kocx
26.06.2018 20:47:47
This video just popped up in my list for suggested video's and I thought : why not.And now I'm thinking HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!Really amazing flying.subbed right away.this isn't flying... This is art
abhirup sen
21.07.2018 10:12:10
Pure love! ❤️????
Russell Baker
27.06.2018 01:16:07
29.11.2018 13:24:26
Awesome Flying you are a Master.????
mini micro FPV
28.06.2018 22:00:42
What kind of black magic flying is this? Real nice.
Jack Simple
15.10.2018 01:36:42
what black magic was this???
17.08.2018 17:09:48
Very niceAre you flying in 3d mode? You landed with throttle in the middleWhat props and fc?
30.06.2018 07:20:30
What is thay DJI? Pro broo nice fly!!
Huito Fpv
26.06.2018 01:01:11
65 degres ! ah ouais quand mme. Je suis pas allé au de la de 50-55°. Faut que je tente ;)