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22.05.2015 02:00:00
Hovership's 3D-Printed FPV Racing Quadcopters фото

At this year's Maker Faire, we catch up with Steve Doll, who has been using 3D printing to test and refine his FPV mini-quadcopter frame designs. His Hovership MHQ2 has been downloaded and printed thousands of times, and feedback from users has helped him design a carbon fiber frame as well. This is what rapid prototyping was made for!

Find out more about Hovership's quadcopters at

Download the Hovership MHQ2 quadcopter 3D print files here: :511668

Shot by Andy Bauman and edited by Joey Fameli
Music by Jinglepunks

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Tested is:
Norman Chan
Will Smith
Joey Fameli
Adam Savage
Jamie Hyneman

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First-person View
Radio-controlled Aircraft (Hobby)
maker faire 2015
3D Printing (Invention)

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c HAppY HIppIE
22.05.2015 02:07:07
Cool cool
22.05.2015 10:22:51
I want to do this!!!
10.12.2015 13:52:06
Printed props???www.facebook.com/STLhive/photos/pb.1623523417865991.-2207520000.1449744424./1656082851276714/?type=3&theater
14.06.2015 07:30:56
i would have bought something from hovership , but every time i look at their kits , they are ALL unavailable , bloody annoying .
Zac Johnson
05.06.2017 12:19:13
how do you embed carbon fiber in 3d printed material?
18.06.2015 05:16:23
With that license, they're not allowed to sell them on their site at all, unless it's at material/production cost.
Tony Srour
24.08.2015 17:28:59
Nice.. quadcopters.. I maybe like to buy a nanoquad they look awesome.
Mitsubishi F-2
23.05.2015 18:10:55
He kept saying how he got feedback but never said he changed the quadcopter because of that feedback and never said what he changed, seemed like he avoided saying if he did change anything and what.
Tom Quimby
23.05.2015 15:35:22
Not everybody has access to a 3D printer, in fact I don`t know anybody who has access to a 3D printer.  I have never even seen a 3D printer.