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06.05.2018 10:10:44
FPV - Spring dance фото

With spring come awesome colors. My favorite flying spot changes into a totally new playground, for my greatest pleasure.

My setup:
5" - 5S quad running BF
FPV cam tilt: 65 deg
GoPro tilt: 65 deg
- No 3D mode -

You can download all the 3D-printed parts I have designed for my miniquads here:

Happy flying ! ????????????

high tilt
trippy spin
rotor riot

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AIRDRONESERVICE Krzysztof Nowogórsk
24.08.2018 23:36:58
Are you even human ?? Crazy skills. Subbed !! How long you are in FPV ??
Yasil fpv
08.05.2018 12:43:45
greath bro.... 3d?
20.05.2018 20:03:44
"WOW" Pincher I see is that right?
Julie Jones
01.06.2018 04:38:29
Beautiful is the only word that works! Please keep sharing.
Richard Revell
15.06.2018 22:35:03
I am yet to find another utube vid as beautiful as this. This is my fave by far. Simply beautiful ????
28.12.2018 22:15:26
Still one of my favorite pieces ❤️
Jack Hartwig
22.08.2018 20:53:50
What would you call that trick where u are flying circles around the tree while doing rolls?
Cory Venezia
26.11.2018 13:06:40
That’s it I’m quitting fpv.
08.05.2018 08:53:32
Great flight ????
Laci Habon
09.05.2018 18:36:14
omfg! what was this orbit with the constant flipping? :D
Richard Johnson
11.05.2018 00:40:39
incredible flying , my head is still spinning!
Pacific Northwest Pilots
07.12.2018 10:08:09
Is there a place where I can purchase your camera mount for the frog lite? I do not have a printer...
SuitCase FPV
26.07.2018 23:05:07
You just need two trees to change the whole fpv universe!
Nomadic Bike
03.08.2019 18:58:53
Love your style
Flying Schnitzel
13.05.2018 11:52:32
Kebab FPV send me here, nice flying mate!
Mr Nobody
09.05.2018 03:26:08
I think I just had an orgasm watching this video.C'est dingue ! Absolument dingue, et magique à voir.
Huito Fpv
14.05.2018 22:10:07
presque 6000 vues, t'exploses fils !!
Say Yay
10.05.2018 00:49:54
WOW bro WOW....Sub'd
Chris Mouw
27.11.2018 03:31:09
Work of art. I can only dream of flying like this one day. I can't even wrap my mind around the angles that make this perspective possible. New subscriber here
18.06.2018 11:51:32
What is this sorcery??? this is so fresh and beautiful!
22.08.2018 20:28:20
This is a new level of freestyle fpv... sooooo good...
Fly-N -Ryan
25.07.2018 13:05:38
Beautiful brother!
Tono Soriano
27.07.2018 01:44:19
Omg!!!! Very nice fly...
24.08.2018 19:55:22
how the hell do you do those cart wheels?!
09.05.2018 05:46:00
wow I just watch your video and I had to sub
John Q FPV
30.06.2018 02:32:13
Fuck'n awesome
Dok Syd
08.05.2018 20:00:41
Aaron Todd
29.08.2018 00:17:56
so good, ohh so good...
Mac Fly FPV
28.08.2018 00:37:38
salut, je vois que tu as une frame transtec frog lite, tu en es content ? j'aimerais changer de frame avec lipo en dessous, elle m'a l'air pas mal ! et sinon tu as des emax white edition, tu en ais content aussi ? Moi que des soucis dessus, moteur qui crame sans raison et le pire, les axes de cloche qui se décolle
Ryan Zimmerman
13.05.2018 21:11:19
I was wondering if your started out on a high camera angle or slowly work your way up increasing slolwy
11.05.2018 20:47:33
Very nice to watch it's the type of flying I'm aiming to achieve
AiTeee SNS
22.08.2018 09:13:13
U are fraking awesome. Sub!
Elisha Jones
20.08.2018 15:54:06
Full Time Junglist
15.07.2018 15:40:49
Amazing footage and love your flow. Always like finding channels like this, Subbed. :)
Asik Drone
31.05.2018 06:40:04
Amazing flying bud. You have killer skills!
Earl Helm
08.05.2018 16:03:39
Amazing - I am not worthy... LOL
Alex FPV
22.08.2018 08:18:34
Bien joué pour Ledrib freestyle contest! Tu représente la France!
Damien Cairns
13.05.2018 13:45:27
Your an amazing pilot you really should consider making more videos people enjoy this mesmerising flying style. Amazing video
15.06.2018 11:55:42
Unreal man..
08.05.2018 22:37:38
Such a unique flying style, love it!
Pure FPV
03.06.2018 23:00:05
Ok i know this song rfom somewhere cant put my finger on it. I feel like its a Hans ZImmer piece from interstellar but cant find it. Great vid by the way
13.05.2018 06:15:23
Are you flying 3D? Just curious, one of your videos you are orbiting a tree inverted and not losing altitude. Regardless, amazing, looking forward to more videos.
reboot 1
19.05.2018 22:29:12
Marcus McClickbaity
31.05.2018 14:46:46
I have always wondered if a spinning orbit could be done.I thought it might involve 3D, but you seem to have already mastered it. 10/10 for this video.
09.05.2018 04:31:14
Beautiful dude
Lil' BreezyFPV
14.05.2018 21:34:55
Wow, just wow