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13.03.2018 23:05:46
Best FPS games for PC фото

They're the most popular games on the planet - but which are the best ones? Here are our top 10 shooters on PC.

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Noh Mercy
21.12.2019 20:08:07
nah Unreal Tournament 2004 is the best FPS GAME!!!
23.12.2019 00:52:39
deus ex? prey? dishonored? this is games
01.02.2020 07:04:36
Overwatch? What?
James Spencer
28.12.2019 13:23:46
Really a shame, I was hoping to find something new. I came to this because I'm tired of the games on the list lmao
Bruce Banner
15.01.2020 05:14:14
The way half life 2 ended made the game only so-so. Good but not great.
Mikael Nyström
26.12.2019 22:09:41
Csgo 5/5
Simon Says
04.12.2019 16:29:32
Half Life (all), Dishonored (all 3), Team Fortress 2 (father/mother of all multiplayers), Bioshock 1 and 2, Halo (1, 2 , 3, 4), Alien Isolation, CODs, Wolfenstein (all), Battlefield V and 1, Metro Exodus, Portal 1 & 2 and some older games (like Alien vs. Predator, Marine campaign). You missed a lot of them.
john doe
18.12.2019 04:15:05
i can play call of duty modern warfare on steam? i thought that was a ps4 exclusive
KC Orange juice
06.01.2020 19:26:17
And arma, squad, escape from tarkov still isn’t here
Reggie Marable
25.02.2020 22:21:15
2:38 that's not even a cutscene it's a short animation that is on YouTubeLogitech pro Best for overwatch
ALI Rahhal
21.02.2020 19:57:36
Where is Borderlands
13.11.2019 06:00:12
where F.E.A.R!!!
edy infinity
30.11.2019 22:00:32
Annette T. Abrahamson
31.12.2019 13:49:27
Escape from Tarkov, I don't know what to say3:24 csgo also has toxicity
04.01.2020 15:49:34
In my opinion,Escape from tarkov should be in top 10.
george mcnutt
25.01.2020 04:50:54
Gravity gun is the op gun of all halflife games
Lol Futuremeep
27.11.2019 17:45:30
Logitech: these are the best shooter games Escape from tarkov: I’m I a joke to you ?!
Rajmond Gajdos
22.01.2020 00:34:28
What I loveBF4Modern Warfare 2019BF VApex LegendsPUBGR6SiegeInsurgency SandstormStar Wars Battlefront 2SQUAD
Pedro Vitor
12.02.2020 03:29:43
Battlefield 1 over DOOM? I don't think so...
Paul Sambyal
04.11.2019 19:13:39
Bf1, Bf4, Bf5, Bf3, r6s best games ever
Nintendo Fan Unity
13.12.2019 02:36:12
All of these games aren't good, they just have good graphics.
Soon Zaiii
02.02.2020 11:50:27
Bog : stop running like an idiot
Alejandro Shanks
24.02.2020 08:11:33
Doom 1993 is still the King of FPS. Well ok... HL2=Doomjust can't accept the title "Best FPS"
Vladimir Gološin
12.11.2019 22:19:28
I've never played overwatch but other 9 games are really good picks!
Ali Kabeer
12.11.2019 02:21:03
3:27 It's called baiting.
06.12.2019 09:06:19
How Overwatch did something different in regards to "team play" when the same "team play" could be found in TF2 and Paladins?
Anurag Chakraborty
13.11.2019 06:59:16
Anybody knows what happened to Phantomers ?
23.02.2020 13:46:23
You guys really forgot CRYSIS... are you on some serious meds... NOt my Top 10 best fps listDoom 1993 is still the King of FPS. Well ok... HL2=DoomWhere's Crysis trilogy ?
J o l l y G r a p e f r u i t
28.11.2019 19:12:40
Imagine thinking Overwatch deserves to be here instead of Team Fortess 2 lmfao
07.11.2019 07:24:23
no quake champions?
13.12.2019 22:07:17
bioshock 1 a 2. infinite was less good. and missing wolfenstein new series
27.12.2019 14:26:56
Brings back memory , Far Cry 3 .
A. Rose Angelina
24.02.2020 05:38:48
Doom 1993 is still the King of FPS. Well ok... HL2=Doom4:50 It was made by Respawn!!! EA just helped!
Bob Price
02.12.2019 22:26:58
Vivek Tiwari
25.11.2019 20:50:18
overwatch above csgoGAYBEN : am i joke to you ?
20.01.2020 23:32:18
Every FPS I ever played... You unload an entire clip from a machine gun into your opponent, there still alive.Yet you fire say 2 or 3 bullets from an 1800's gun and they're dead. WTF?
THG_ Titan
27.10.2019 09:43:55
Half life two reminds me of Gmod
dav dav
02.01.2020 04:25:05
I will give time to every terrible game what is on this list: 2:44 thats all good list for idiots because i doubt someone didnt know about all of these games.
Nitesh Shukla
19.02.2020 21:24:59
I like your narration
Hernaldo Avalos
03.02.2020 04:56:51
Not Escape from Tarkov on the list. What a crappy list
Freedom Cobra
07.11.2019 01:46:48
Way too many cutscenes in campaigns, I think there should be a max of two
Lindsay Gilbert
24.02.2020 06:01:35
The most iconic helmet in gamingMaster chief: Am I a joke to you?just can't accept the title "Best FPS"
Leon Ladj
18.12.2019 19:10:46
Metro Last Light ?
Gyozo YT
26.12.2019 21:31:11
3:22 chat:stop running like idiot
Eirik Macdonald
06.11.2019 05:07:44
Tibor Sikora
01.01.2020 05:42:57
FAR CRY 3Intel core i5-4670tHd graphics 46004gb ramcan i run it????
29.01.2020 06:28:46
halo 3????
22.11.2019 09:13:01
Far Cry 3 has the most beautiful in-game world ever built. Far Cry 5's Montana just doesn't compare.
Glenn Hubble
29.12.2019 17:29:57
Great Video
Kushal Gurung
21.02.2020 12:08:30
CS:GO is my fav ????????????
26.12.2019 17:46:08
literally every game thats also on console, theyre playing the console version
16.11.2019 14:48:03
Can someone give me this video game names but for 32 bit pls?
Medih Nukovic
30.01.2020 12:48:45
30.12.2019 20:11:18
3:24 csgo also has toxicity
24.11.2019 21:39:41
half life 2 is now $9.99
Philip123pro -Gaming
05.12.2019 12:58:54
Is Battlefield 1 better than Battlefield 5?
Jose L. Buie
23.02.2020 13:51:07
Where's Crysis trilogy ?just can't accept the title "Best FPS"
Boe Dillard
14.01.2020 08:35:09
I agree with much but Battlefield 1 just never compelled me to play beyond a couple of levels. While the graphics are terrible by today's standards, Halo 1, Bulletstorm and COD Airborne were some of my favorites.
Wai Yan Maung Maung
31.01.2020 14:01:35
where are crysis series?
25.10.2019 14:10:07
USELESS VIDEO!!! The most one are technically worst! Buggy and Eating a broom is more funnny...
30.12.2019 17:38:27
uhhh bioshock infinite is better than the original????? wtf XD
Senator Mac and Cheese 420
21.12.2019 22:48:59
i love how i played all of these games
09.01.2020 14:05:59
Far Cry 3
Laquita Barrowman
27.02.2020 14:28:38
3:20 look chat xDWhere's Crysis trilogy ?
15.12.2019 21:51:20
My personal top 101) Deus Ex (original)2) Doom (1993)3) Borderlands 14) Doom (2016)5) Wolfenstein: The New Order6) Modded Doom (1993)7) Quake8) Ion Fury9) Halo: CE10) Unreal Tournament
DuskingVampire -
18.02.2020 12:31:51
www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceV_-N8Q06o, singleplayer shooting game
Alex Craft
07.01.2020 03:44:48
Staci Cornette
27.02.2020 09:39:24
You guys really forgot CRYSIS... are you on some serious meds... NOt my Top 10 best fps list3:21 stopp runn ning liek Idiot
red cat
10.02.2020 23:01:11
My first fps was project igi. The game has every emotion. You have a limited health to complete the game. You fear the enemies. You fear being spotted. You praise the environment. Everytime you reach further than you previously ever could in that game is an achievement. The relieve and happiness on completing a level. I don't think there is even a match to that game.
Joey G. Simmons
28.02.2020 05:43:22
Am I the only one missing Unreal Tournament in this list?Yo tf2? Insurcency: Sandstorm?? Crysis 3???
M. Dyer Edward
28.02.2020 04:36:10
3:20 look chat xDDoom 1993 is still the King of FPS. Well ok... HL2=Doomjust can't accept the title "Best FPS"
Hays Jaylin
25.02.2020 14:05:27
3:20 look chat xDDoom 1993 is still the King of FPS. Well ok... HL2=Doom
Andrea Mahon
25.02.2020 19:15:58
2:38 that's not even a cutscene it's a short animation that is on YouTubeThink after all that I am going to buy Battlefield 1. Thanks Logitech G!Doom 1993 is still the King of FPS. Well ok... HL2=Doom
27.10.2019 15:10:59
i would say counter strike is the best but i am not intrested in it that much because my account got hacked...
L'Quik Shrtz
07.12.2019 13:14:19
Lol no ARMA 3? You are a casual man
tarek saadi
25.01.2020 20:06:48
Ilove fp games and fps
03.11.2019 15:15:56
Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, Counter Strike Global Offense
Eminem Vevo
15.01.2020 15:45:23
Every mentioned game is already known by majority of people and are decent
MR. Fly
17.01.2020 14:33:23
Ttitle: Best games on PCPlayer: Plays on console
Patriotic Frog
20.02.2020 10:24:50
i think you put overwatch in tf2's place
dytrog thesynth
19.11.2019 08:01:35
Fallout 4 is the best game ever !!!
Kaveh Ahmadifar Bäckängsgymnasiet N
18.12.2019 00:01:40
HMMMMMM DonJoeWonSong??