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14.01.2021 00:12:49
User Review: SNAPTAIN SP700 GPS Drone with Brushless Motor, 5G WiFi FPV RC Drone for Adult with... фото

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- SNAPTAIN SP700 GPS Drone with Brushless Motor, 5G WiFi FPV RC Drone for Adult with 2K Camera Live Video, Follow Me, APP Co...

SNAPTAIN SP700 GPS Drone with Brushless Motor, 5G WiFi FPV RC Drone for Adult with 2K Camera Live Video, Follow Me, APP Co...

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First off, this drone showed up at my house on a Saturday, only the second day after I had placed the order! I was stoked! !I set it up with the provided instructions (which honestly were way easy to follow) and got flying in no time!!!
I shared a couple of screenshots of some video I took, quality isn’t but I was recording thru the app not directly on a memory card on the drone!
All in all I happy with my purchase!The only downside is the charger that comes with it takes about 3-3.5hrs to charge batteries...
Nice package, I longed for a GPS drone for a long time. My first GPS drone did not disappoint me. Great drone with high quality. It is easy to set up and control, not as difficult and complicated as I thought.
I paired and calibrated according to the instructions in the manual, and it was done in a few minutes. The remote and the drone both are highly respinsive.
After connecting WIFI, you can complete many interestiing functions through your phone, like follow me, circle fly and tap fly, etc. The FPV via WIFI transmission is really clear and smooth.
You can capture many beautiful views. Of ciurse, because I was not familiar with the drone on my first flight, the drone accidentally hit an obstacle.
It was still landing safely. The drone body is sturdy. Besides, brushless motors support good wind resistant.I like the lights on the drone, shiny and cool.
All in all, I am impressed by this drone. Good choice for your outdoor adventures.
They solved earlier issues, (pilot error) very quickly, and even helped me register the drone. I only worked thru emails, but the support was prompt and SP700 is a larger, well made drone.
Actually heavier than I thought it would weight also means you have to register it with the only drove I have to compare it to are the S5c and have options not available in the control, 360 flip, G-sensor, and speed selection, for there are some options they all share, like trajectory points, Return to home, the GPS makes the SP700 shine!Incredibly stable flight, even in winds that would take down the others.
No need for trimming the drone to stop drift. GPS is a different world.
The brushless motors seem stronger, and I was getting about 16 minutes flight timeOther great option available on the SP700-If the battery gets low, or you fly out of range, or press the RTH, the SP700 ends up at your start point, or very close to , If you use the RTH, the drone goes up to 30 meters before flying home.
Great option to clear obstacles, but scary to see your drone shoot up into the sky when it is suppose to be coming home!
But it landed about 11" from where I options, only available with the app, like Follow Me, and Point of Interest worked great, and are adjustable in the app.
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SNAPTAIN SP700 GPS Drone with Brushless Motor, 5G WiFi FPV RC Drone for Adult with 2K Camera Live Video, Follow Me, APP Co...

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