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User Review: DROCON Ninja Drone for Kids & Beginners FPV RC Drone with 1080P HD Wi-Fi Camera, Q... фото

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- DROCON Ninja Drone for Kids & Beginners FPV RC Drone with 1080P HD Wi-Fi Camera, Quadcopter Drone with Altitude Hold, Head...

DROCON Ninja Drone for Kids & Beginners FPV RC Drone with 1080P HD Wi-Fi Camera, Quadcopter Drone with Altitude Hold, Head...

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My 12 year old son is extremely pleased. This is not his first drone, but first with a camera. My husband who searched Amazon & chose this drone is impressed as well.
The assembly was clear (though it helped my son to have my husband talk him through the instructions as he went). Initial charge was quick so he was able to use it soon after assembly.
A lot of “Wow’s” & “Whoa’s” coming from them and our other children as they previewed the videos from his first flight. My son’s review is that it’s “not too fancy, but has a lot of the fancy features.”
This thing is fun!!! Simple to use. Worked well with my phone to take pictures and videos. I bought a second one!
Awesome mini foldable drone that preforms well for a "toy grade" drone. Its fast and responsive and set up is easy great little 2 cell battery that gives it its crazy performance for about 6-7 mins per charge.
A little longer if your not racing around. Best drone to find out if you want to continue to a more "Pro" set up with hobby grade components. Even if you have great hobby grade drones its an awesome indoor flyer for winter!
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Just got this beginners drone and its has been great. One of the best part of this drone has to be the simplicity of the remote controller and its camera.
Being able to lift off and land with one button was a great addition to its control. For its price, I thought the camera was going to be whatever but I was wrong.
Great quality and definitely going to buy another one, maybe in red.
Drone was purchased for my kids as an upgrade to a sharper image mini stunt drone. The sharper image drone was good inside but just wouldnt fly outside.
So this was bought to be able to fly outside for my young ones. Really cool looking little drone. It was easy to set up, comes single battery, blade guards, and spare set of blades.
I installed the guards right away and charged the battery the night before Christmas. Weve flown it outside and its really responsive and does well until the wind kicks up to more than a breeze.
Havent yet checked the FPV function with a phone since that wasnt really the goal with this purchase. Battery runtime is fairly short so an extra would be really helpful.
Overall very happy with the purchase and will update with any changes.
This is really cool! Make sure you put on the bumper guards before you turn it on - I’m still laughing! Ours landed inside the Christmas tree!
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DROCON Ninja Drone for Kids & Beginners FPV RC Drone with 1080P HD Wi-Fi Camera, Quadcopter Drone with Altitude Hold, Head...

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