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14.01.2021 01:17:18
RC flying, FPV + A GIVEAWAY! We lost blue man, thanks for your service. фото

Thanks for all your support of this channel! For the giveaway one comment enters you for the new Trojan BNF (don't comment more than once or we send Rob after you). We will draw the winner randomly the next time we fly probably Jan 24, so you have until then to enter. Thanks to Steve for doing this giveaway! Never Stop The RC!

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Robert Ortlepp
14.01.2021 01:20:47
Great show guys always an amazing timetake care
Caroline Tyler RC
14.01.2021 01:33:58
Steve is cool!!!
14.01.2021 01:34:55
11:59 butter
Brian Chambers
14.01.2021 01:20:57
Awesome flights as usual guys stay safe oh don't leave a fallen Man Behind
Kevin Dobson
14.01.2021 01:34:48
Ugh, we’ve been in a cold streak here in KY and haven’t flown in a month. Dark at 530 doesn’t help... Jealous of all your all’s EDFs.
CalebRCFlyer_ YT
14.01.2021 01:27:53
First partP-51 does the epic getawayDrone: crash and burnsLast partP-51: breaks prop and crashesDrone: flies by to taunt him
the combat 123
14.01.2021 01:23:28
Love this channel!!!take care!!
Wendy Martin
14.01.2021 01:28:09
We love to watch your videos and tyvm for the chance to win such wonderful prizes
Tony S
14.01.2021 01:22:48
Great flying guys
14.01.2021 01:26:01
Glad to see you again! ???????? grtz from NL