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18.11.2018 03:14:15
SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV Drone with 720P HD Camera - Experience and Review фото

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chris scheer
06.01.2019 01:09:32
it doesnt record and pics or video i insert a sd card take pics and have camera on but when i watch o phone it says no file and when i insert it in a computer it says no file what am i not doing right
The Creed's Lair
26.12.2019 23:10:50
Who else got the WikiBuy Ad WikiBuy does not sponsor MrBeast so this is bad GO TO HONEY.COM/MRBEAST
Sai Li
25.02.2020 12:53:00
One of the best reviews ive seen on this model even with diff co. names. Would have liked to see it on a clear day and also a review in fpv goggle mode
New Tech
21.09.2019 21:37:16
Laterance Pope
27.12.2018 07:24:36
do you have to use a iPhone
Carlos Perez
18.06.2019 04:01:21
thank you so much your video is great and helpful
Dave K
27.01.2020 02:22:18
I just bought this and got it in the mail today. Can't wait to fly the thing, looks like a lot of fun.
Tom Overtime
26.10.2019 21:25:43
Seriously this video was really useful for Christmas
05.01.2019 08:29:45
How do you charge it ?
Quatez Brown
31.12.2019 20:08:34
Can’t wait to get mines..
05.01.2020 22:56:49
Mine didn’t come with a charger:/
fish what
18.11.2018 18:29:18
This drone looks awesome! Should I get one?
28.02.2019 21:42:58
The dog is like what the hell is that?
08.06.2019 14:58:33
mine just got a mind of its own and started going all over the place is there any fix
Web .mp3
28.11.2018 12:10:14
Dave W.
26.12.2018 00:23:51
He said "providing the wind isn't to windy" ????
Slacker 28
05.02.2019 07:26:45
Can you change the camera angle straight down? Also what was your best guess as to how far this thing can go before you loose video then control?
Memosaurus Rex
25.12.2018 11:50:29
I don’t understand the use of the cross controls pls help
Robin Ma
15.07.2019 03:22:02
I tried my one, but it can not keep balance when it hover, how about you?
John Wedrall
03.01.2019 07:18:20
I'm glad that you use prop guards as I do too. Nice thorough video. keeping the drone within normal eyesight is also nice thanks. ????????❗
XJW Gaming
28.01.2019 04:38:27
I had this drone and I had no idea what half the buttons did
edith moronge
11.08.2019 19:12:35
It would be helpful if you addressed inserting SD card, this is an important factor in a review.
Laterance Pope
27.12.2018 07:26:09
I hate this drone if you don't answer my question
Kasper Hauser
03.07.2019 10:30:58
what a beatiful property you have