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02.02.2021 22:57:30
3rd Fpv flight TinyHawk Freestyle 2 | Beginner FPV Freestyle, Best drone! фото

My #rd Freestyle Fpv flight on a Tinyhawk Freestlye 2. This this is the best beginner drone for freestyle! its not over powered or under powered, its the sweet spot for drone freestyle fpv. There a tough under most crashes, you will break standoffs on hard front slams. Hey drone crashes are part of the game of drones! Thbaks for checking out the description below are a few links to gear and stuff I use.

Velocidrone Simulator

My Drones, Gear and Cameras

Nd go pro filters freewell
Gopro Hero 6 Black
Gopro Hero 9 Black
Budget Batts: CHL 6s 1300mah 2pk
Performance Batts: Tattu 6s 1300mah
Betafpv 95x v3 pusher
Tinyhawk Freestyle II RTF bundle
Tinyhawk Freestyle II BNF
Diatone Taycane MXC 2.5
Iflight cidora V2 4S I have the 6s version and a 4s one
Eachine ev800 beginner goggles
External Goggle Battery
Radio- RadioMaster TX16s Multi Protocol
Soldering Iron – Portable
Tool Kit

Disclamer The above links are Affiliate link and buy clicking one if you purchase one I get a small commission at no extra cost to you, helps keep me motivated to upload and keep learning to get out the best content!

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