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08.02.2021 18:00:26
FPV Cycle Prototype 5 freestyle frame overview - whoop mounting on a full size Drone frame фото

FPV Cycle Prototype 5 Frame - Orders will ship with the new beefed up front end

HIFIONRC 45A AIO toothpick board -
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My Perfect Racing and Freestyle build parts list

Best FPV Shops
Heli-Nation -
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Airblade -
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Ken Shipley
08.02.2021 18:22:21
What motors are you trying on this set up. I am thinking of going a larger aio
Duck FPV
08.02.2021 18:23:58
Fraser Steen
08.02.2021 18:03:58
I've got a bunch of Kebabs frames but I've gone off them a little recently. Purely because they are so gopro focused and I've pretty much given up on getting hd footage. The strap holes are offset to account for the weight of the gopro and compromises have been made to accommodate it. Awesome frames but no longer fit my requirements.