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08.02.2021 16:00:13
I'm back for some redemption. crazy dive, insane gopro rescue + sketchy dvr bunus dive at the end. фото

Finally got my frankenquad Back together and back for some redemption. this is the dive that killed everything last weekend. now it has different motors escs and esc firmwares. and I only have a session 4 right now so the footage sucks. and the camera mount kept coming loose and shaking. but I was still gonna send it.

I'm listening to: jezzy - poppin'

Listen to it here:

What I'm flying:
-Hglrc Zeus f7 fc . unknown mismatched single escs
-hypetrain 2306 2450kv motors and iflight xing-e 2207.
-Impulserc alien4" frame with 5 inch arms ????
-Akk race ranger 1.6w vtx
-Foxeer lollipop 3 10cm
-Ethix s5 props????
and VAS croshair patch and foxeer lollipop 3???? on goggles which are ev800d eachine goggles
-TBS Crossfire Nano RX????
-Runcam Phoenix 2 fpv cam ????
-GoPro session 4 with a tpu mount

TX I'm using is:
Frsky taranis x9 lite
with TBS Crossfire micro tx
with TBS diamond antenna

Thanks for watching and go hit that subscribe and the bell and hit that like button. Keep ripping them packs and having fun. That's what it's all about. ✌️

In need of some sponsors for parts???? and interested in doing reviews and testing of new products and designs.

Email is [email protected]

And always down to rip with anyone passing through just hmu ????


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Xplicit fpv
08.02.2021 17:43:01
Heck yea broooo