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08.02.2021 19:00:21
Jumper T-Lite ❎ Crossfire Nano TX Module Update ???? фото

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08.02.2021 22:19:59
Appreciate the update video Albert. It pretty much answered all my questions. I'm going to hold off getting one now in hopes Jumper comes out with a revised version in the next few months. If you do figure out a working mod I'd love to see it.
underfloor heating installer
08.02.2021 19:34:07
It must be the voltage regulator stepup
08.02.2021 19:06:59
I just bought one of these nanos but didnt realize they have 2 different pin outs. Ordered the wrong one. So I have a new unused one for sale if anyone needs lol
PropRotor Nut
08.02.2021 19:53:37
Great in-depth review. Thanks.????
08.02.2021 21:26:52
Primarily, my plan was to use this for the 4-in-1 with my Tinyhawk and for simulators - But thanks for this update - makes it easier for people to know what the problem is! ????????
08.02.2021 21:09:05
Albert Kim Excellent information, thank you for sharing!I suggest clipping leads onto the t-lite (to the leads for the battery, with the battery removed) and testing different configurations. Take that other LiIon cell and charge them to the same voltage, run them in parallel (doubling whatever the actual continuous and peak amp ratings are). You can do the same with 1s Lipos in parallel for testing and at this point you could put a power meter between the battery configs and leads for better representation of actual usage... for the science of it all. My guess is that the err is on the battery ratings being over inflated and that running additional cells in parallel will resolve the issue.Could run 3P and print two cell holders that get fixed along the backside for your fingers to grip around; bigger radio feel and power in the smaller form factor.
Cerberus Velvet
08.02.2021 19:36:30
Can the Nano module be powered over its micro usb socket?
08.02.2021 21:24:43
According to TBS the full size crossfire is consuming 3.2Watt at 2000mW transmitting power. With a fully charged cell this should be no more than 1Amp at the battery terminal! Assuming that the radio will draw no more than 0.5Amp pretty much every old 18650 should be able to handle this sort of Current! I assume maybe the battery is making very poor contact in the battery bay, which could lead to a massive voltage drop. Have you tried bending the contacts even more to guarantee a really tight fit? Once I receive my tlite I will do some testing myself and confirm the Theorie. As always, great video!
08.02.2021 19:32:45
Great review Albert. I was really hoping it would work ????
Albert Kim
08.02.2021 20:53:31
???? Jumper T-Lite
MF - bit.ly/3pEq7gI​ (use code MFTLite for discount)
BG - bit.ly/3rl5ebq​ (use code BGJumper00 for 10% off)
RDQ - bit.ly/2MGBIxs​ | bit.ly/3aJim2v​

???? Battery - bit.ly/39Eqv9q​ (U.S.) | bit.ly/3q04iIy​ (Molicel)
bit.ly/39ElVYP​ (outside U.S.)

???? Crossfire Nano TX Module - bit.ly/2YWSQSe​

⭐ Hawkeye Mini Monitors - bit.ly/3pFau8H​

???? SD card contents - bit.ly/39ELPeJ​

???? Switch covers - bit.ly/3cTJTOt​
???? Stick ends - bit.ly/2Y6BmDF​

???? Other radio reviews...
Tango 2 PRO - youtu.be/Ne_lWl5Swzo​
Jumper T12 - bit.ly/3mXTQ2x​
LiteRadio2 SE - youtu.be/7loW4m-5Z6M​

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Marcos Rey vieitez
08.02.2021 19:03:02
Hi i can use only the radio with a frsky rxsr?
punt enpol
08.02.2021 21:39:08
this product is too immature too hit the market, i hope jumper fixes this because i really love the product.Your 2 reviews where really helpful Mr. Kim, thank you for your honesty !
Stefan 73
08.02.2021 21:15:16
If the ext module does not power off any more, you probably killed the Mosfet that switches the power to the steup-up in the module bay. Those often go short on defect. Should be not too difficult to find/replace. It may also be the root cause of the issue. It got probably killed because there was a too high power drain - and probably there is the voltage drop. A better Mosfet with less internal resistance could avoid this.
Ryan Park
08.02.2021 20:21:50
Thanks, Kim. +1 LIKE
Endi Hamid
08.02.2021 20:00:16
Thank you Albert. Really useful info. And yes, it would be great to see a work around this ????