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08.02.2021 23:32:42
DJI FPV Drone Budget Build Full Tutorial - Part 3a - Betaflight 4.2 Complete Set Up фото

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It's time to update my FPV Drone Budget Build. This isn't the cheapest FPV quadcopter you can build. But I believe it's the best value for money. And I've partnered with GetFPV to help make sure that you can buy all the parts you need in one easy kit.


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* Analog Version -


0:00 - Introduction
0:36 - Activate and update firmware for DJI gear
3:11 - Bind Vista, controller, and goggles together
4:13 - Begin Betaflight Setup
5:30 - Identify the FC target before flashing
5:40 - Back up configuration before flashing
6:45 - Flash Betaflight 4.2 to the FC
8:41 - Apply Custom Defaults, calibrate accelerometer
9:36 - Set up Configuration tab
12:11 - Betaflight configurator auto connect and expert mode options
13:12 - Set up receiver
17:02 - Set up Aux Modes
22:28 - Configure motor direction and BLHeli options
27:06 - Set up OSD

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This is my full time job

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