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09.02.2021 00:01:42
The best first DJI FPV quad you can build: JB Xilo Beginner Build фото

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It's time to update my FPV Drone Budget Build. This isn't the cheapest FPV quadcopter you can build. But I believe it's the best value for money. And I've partnered with GetFPV to help make sure that you can buy all the parts you need in one easy kit.

Watch the rest of this playlist at:


I receive a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you make a purchase after clicking one of the affiliate links below.

Purchase this drone build kit at GetFPV:
* DJI Version -
* Analog Version -

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fly fly
09.02.2021 00:11:59
Teach don't lite shit on fire hope people people learn to sod build
Paul Fornage
09.02.2021 00:04:42
Who disliked this already?? It's 2 minutes since posting. The FAA is getting very fast. (Edit 3 in 3 minutes)
Vidvuds Calitis
09.02.2021 00:03:00
09.02.2021 00:07:36
Sweet! This will be my next build!
Vansh Khanna
09.02.2021 00:15:05
Would this be helpful if I wanna convert my analog JB xilo to DJI?
Kwad Krazy
09.02.2021 00:12:11
IDK what people are disliking this vid, but FIGHT BACK, HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON! Haven't even watched the video yet, but I sure as heck liked it
Simon Crowther
09.02.2021 00:18:01
@joshuabardwell Hello.... the link to the play list isn't working... just incase no one else has said
Kay H
09.02.2021 00:16:08
I saw ”dji FPV quad” and click so fast