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05.02.2021 17:11:37
Caddx Vista Disassembly, De-liding & De-casing How to Guide | Naked Vista SAVES 10 grams! Whoop! фото

Who doesn't want to save 10 grams, right?!

The Caddx Vista and Nebula Nano cameras have substantially dropped the weight of the electronics. Folks have been very easily building sub 250gram quads now-a-days and we are even starting to see the DJI Digital FPV system making its way into whoops; however, the flight characteristics of these smaller quads are being impacted by the increased weight of the HD system.

Removing the case of the Vista is nothing new but, surprisingly, not many guides or videos out there! Let's look closer at how to do this and whether we can put our iFlight Alpha A75 HD whoop on a diet.

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Items suggested in this video
Soft Toothbrush (Any soft bristle will do):
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99% Isopropyl Alcohol:
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Alpha A75 HD Whoop w/Caddx Nebula Digital HD System

Thingiverse Things
Decased Caddx Vista Board Spacers (aka Naked Caddx Vista!): :4742482

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