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09.02.2021 06:01:34
FPV Freestyle Flight Log - Day 190 фото

I can't call this the bando silo anymore, it's just the silo now. People are working on it. No problems with the ghost rf system out here. However I did trigger my logical switch warnings. Both 80% and 70% alarms went off.

The RF in this environment is tough, it's constantly changing (pretty much like all places lol). There's lines in the 5.8ghz feed on race 8 when standing where I was. I took about 20 steps to the left, same thing...

/* Alien Slammed 6” Build */
ImpulseRC Alien w/ 6” arms and Slammed Kit
Mr Steele PDB V2 w/ 1000uf 35v on XT60
Konasty 2407 1739KV
Azure 6145 BSP
RunCam Racer 5 w/ 1.8mm lens
TBS Unify Pro V3
TBS Triumph Pro
ImmersionRC Ghost Atto Duo RX
Thunder Power Adrenaline 1100mAh 6S 100C
GoPro Hero 6 Black w/ Ethix GoPro Facehugger Mask
# AUW is 726g w/ Hero 6, or 669g w/ Session 5

/* Backpack Gear */
Fatshark T2 Goggles
Tattu 2500mAh 2S Battery
ImmersionRC Rapidfire
Mr Steele Earbud V1
Ethix Madmushroom V2 Antenna
ImmersionRC SpiroNet Patch
Frsky Taranis X9D+
ImmersionRC Ghost TX w/ Stock Antennas
Lumenier 2500mAh 3S Battery
Ethix Neck Strap
Ethix Fatshark Goggle Strap
ISDT Battery Checker
Talon AIO Hex Tool
Talon Prop Driver
Think Tank FPV Session Backpack
Ethix Transmitter Bag V2
Lipo Safe Bag
TBS Micro USB Cable

/* PIDs */
Roll: 3.1, 0.036, 10.8
Pitch: 3.25, 0.036, 11
Yaw: 7, 0.05, 5
TPA: 0.44, 0.2, 0.4?
# I’m still tinkering of course.

/* Rates */
Roll: 2.18, 0.57, 0.7
Pitch: 2.18, 0.57, 0.7
Yaw: 1.75, 0.57, 0.7

/* RunCam Racer 5 Settings */
Default everything
Pilot, Timer OFF
Pitch Angle ON
Sharp View ON

/* GoPro Hero 6 Settings */
2.7K Superview 60 FPS
Video Stabilization OFF
Low Light ON
Auto Audio Mode Group WIND ONLY
Protune ON
Shutter AUTO
ISO Min 100
ISO Max 400
White Balance 5500K
Sharpness LOW
Color Flat
Raw Audio Track OFF
# No ND Filter

/* Davinci Resolve Settings */
Format MP4
Codec H.264
Resolution 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD
Restrict to 80000 Kb/s
/* Timeline Settings… */
Use Custom Settings
Timeline Resolution 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD
Mismatch resolution files Scale entire image to fit

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Distractd FPV
09.02.2021 06:12:23
Good stuff man!
doktor drone
09.02.2021 06:21:30
beautiful flying, Brother. have fun ????????????