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08.04.2021 04:12:26
DJI FPV Drone Challenge Accepted #3drsolodiditfirst #ripit #ripitnation #ripitenergy #fpv #3dr #solo фото

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Теги: fpv, dji, drone, challenge, accepted, drsolodiditfirst, ripit, ripitnation, ripitenergy, solo, hungrydansgoteat

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08.04.2021 04:18:37
can you please put some instructions. I've been wanting this so bad. only have 3 solos so I know one will be up for it! I wonder if this can be done with a caddx vista system? Idk I just need FPV 3dr Solo in my life.
Area 8
08.04.2021 04:18:55
I have a similar setup. It works great. Tri props too! www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8Nw5Tpnqf0