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07.04.2021 04:46:03
#NanoLongRange +9km Long Range Flight with GPS фото

First we have to give credit to Dave_C for making this cool design freely available on Thingiverse and for all his contributions to the FPV community.

The flight time this little 3D printed quadcopter can squeeze out of a single 18650 cell is amazing. This flight was just over 15 min, but I landed it with some reserve and I've had other flights as long as 18 min when taking the battery down to 2.5V.

The morning of this flight it was 3 degC with almost no wind.
I think 5km out and back is possible in good conditions and maybe that's my next challenge!

If anyone has specific questions about this build (assuming someone watches this...) please leave a comment.
I actually started to create a build video on this, but I didn't finish it, because the final result was quite a bit different from where I started.

For more details about this specific build:

***** Quick Parts List *****
- Dave_C Nano LR Remixed & Modified Frame (printed in CF PETG)
- RCInpower 1202.5 11500 KV motors
- HGLRC Zeus 411 AIO FC (Betaflight 4.3 and BLHeli_M 48 kHz)
- ImmersionRC Ghost Atto RX and Qtee Antenna
- ImmersionRC Tramp Nano VTX
- Caddx Ant camera
- TrueRC Singularity Lite VTX Antenna
- 220uF Low-ESR Cap (came with FC)
- IFlight LC filter
- Pololu S9V11F5 regulator
- Gemfan 3018 props
- IFlight GPS
- AUW 111g

***** Gear *****
Goggles: Skyzone 02C
Goggle Antenna's:
TrueRC OCP 5.8 - 1.6 dBic Omni
TrueRC X²-AIR 5.8 - 13 dBic Patch (long range setup)
TBS 5G8 5 dBi Patch (short range setup)
Radio: Radiomaster TX16S Hall
Transmitter: ImmersionRC Ghost JR Module
Transmitter Antennas: TrueRC True-MoX 2.4

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