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09.04.2021 06:59:07
Massive Droner FPV Freestyle at Duessen Park with edits фото

This is the first time I have used Adobe to edit video (I have been paying for the package for a year, figured I would try it out, lol) So, we took the 3" MD from CMW and the 5" Banggod, and the 5" BOTAFX out for some park fun. Here is a short edit with the 2nd half color corrected and all that jazz. The end is probably the best
The Set up:
Massive Droner 3 inch - HD by Catalyst Machineworks
Diatone Mamba Toka 1606 3750Kv motors
BetaFPV 3" props (I think that's what I put on there today..)
iFlight SucceX-E Mini F7 2-6S 20x20 Stack/Combo for Caddx Vista (F7 HD FC, 35A 4in1 ESC)
Caddx Vista Digital HD VTX Air Unit Kit for DJI
DJI Goggles and Radio
Insta360go w/ 3d printed mount from IllinVillainFPV
Front bumper by FlyhighFPV


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