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09.04.2021 09:55:35
Yes you can fly fpv in the wind, you've just gotta ensure its a headwind, Iflight Nazgul5 6S фото

Flying in high winds with the Nazgul 6s

If you like the content i produce please consider using the links below, i get a few pennies off any purchase you make , it doesnt cost you ANY extra and it means I can start to take us to the next level at the benefit of us all.

Thank you.

The Quad used to Fly in this video -

a 4s Version -

a none digital 4s version -

Need a Good 6S Lipo Charger? I use this -

Best Budget FPV Quad I've used? Diatone Roma F5-

Diatone Roma Toka Motors -

I use the Radiomaster TX16S -

Why not Pimp it out-

I ONLY Fly TBS Crossfire, Get the Ultimate Bundle -

I mainly use the BetaFpv SMO 4K Camera for my footage, at just 33g, you should too -

Best Tiny Whoop Hybrid? -

Mu 6" Long Range Cruiser -

Want Digital without the Premium ?

If you are BRAND NEW to FPV, You MIGHT Consider a DJI Fpv Quad to avoid the steep learning curve and get into the air quicker - _&custlinkid=1524984

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