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09.04.2021 03:24:56
DJI Air Unit Flywoo Mr Crocc Hitting Flag At 85 mph Bounced Up In The Trees FPV фото

Please check out my other 130+ RC videos. 95mm Woops to 1000mm X-Class quads and some stuff you may have never seen quad continues to take extreme punishment and all I have had to replace is the props! The DJI air unit has taken the punishment too and still works perfectly. In this video I hit a flag going over 85 mph and then bounced off 40 feet up in the trees! Coming around the corner before this flag I am wide open with a 6 cell 1600 lipo on the quad which has hit 120 mph before and cruises at 60-70 mph. When I see trees limbs like that I usually don't let off the throttle so it will hopefully cut itself free, but this time I wasn't sure what had happened to get from 6 feet to 40 in an instant. To then tumbling across the ground back towards the flag! You can see the flag is intact in the beginning of the video and at the end I had just shredded it with the screen grab thumbnail. I disarmed it before it actually stopped but it would have flown away except for the bend props. It's crazy how much punishment it has taken with out repair and still flies perfect. I even switched to swooper flags from regular FPV flags because I get sheering those in half.

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