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08.04.2021 22:23:58
Rogue DJI FPV Drone фото

#DJI #Drone #FPV #Crash #Flying #Technology
Me and my brother decided to fly the NEW DJI FPV Drone... The telephone poles interfered with the connection to the drone and it safely landed itself. but after about 20 minutes of driving around looking for it, we found it chilling in the front lawn of someones house!

*Music Credits - Non Copyrighted Songs (NCS) - Fearless - By: Lost Sky

*TikTok - VinnySwinny
*Instagram - Vince_Swindell
*Twitter - VinnySwinny
*Twitch - SlickTrick23

dji drone
fpv drone

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Теги: drone, the, fpv, dji, rogue, and, songs, front, lawn, someones, house

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