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09.04.2021 21:12:16
The Weekend Blinding Lights FPV Freestyle фото

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09.04.2021 21:15:32
Best thumbnail ever ????
J to the Flip
09.04.2021 21:30:12
I really like this ! Good work JB. And thanks for all the content and everything!
InDrone Productions
09.04.2021 21:18:50
nice piece of flying JB
Carl Laws
09.04.2021 21:17:12
Nice to see just a fun flight :)
09.04.2021 21:19:50
some nice rippin there b'y!
Tyler T fpv
09.04.2021 21:17:24
Awesome flying
Anti Brumm
09.04.2021 21:14:07
Nice Flight!
SkyHacker FPV
09.04.2021 21:21:53
As much as I love a good Bardwell tutorial, there's nothing better than seeing a freestyle pilot just do his thing and have fun doing it! Keep on rippin Bardwell!!
09.04.2021 21:17:00
Came for the thumbnail, stayed for the flippy-floppies
Leo Fl.
09.04.2021 21:16:24
Uuuh i like it dude
09.04.2021 21:12:43
09.04.2021 21:13:15
Love what you are doing keep up joshua
Max Sandoval
09.04.2021 21:13:33
Oh i saw the thumbnail and i clicked on the notification right away
Ditty FPV
09.04.2021 21:12:42
Oh my