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10.04.2021 03:52:11
Junkyard-Quad CineLifter X8 HD - OctoQuad Maiden - Spare parts quad - cinematic FPV DJI GepRC Mark4 фото

It's been rainy and windy the past week. I was able to finish up the OctoQuad X8 configuration that I've been building. I'm using parts I have laying around so I don't have to pay for all new parts. That woulda made this kinda... not really happen. Lol.

I had a couple GepRC Mark4 frames laying around so I chopped one up, slapped 'em together and wired in some electronics. I had to buy a new FC, one that had 8 motor outputs. I used an HGLRC Zues F7 (only new part) and 2 iflight 40A ESC's. 8x iFlight Xing-E 2306 2450kv motors, Nazgul 5140 props (I guess these are technically new) and a DJI Air Unit.

I took a long time putting this together. Every day or so I would do one little thing on the quad and plan on what to do next. Probably saved a lot of time putting together and taking apart, again and again. I also took a long time figuring out the wiring of all the electronic business. I originally planned on using individual lipos for each 4in1 esc's. However, it became difficult to figure out how to get everything working right. It was way easier to just run the ESC's in parallel. I also spent a lot of time setting the thing up in BF. Making sure the motors and setting were all correct. Happily, it seems as I got it all right this time. I got OSD in my googles, everything seems to work and I'm happy.

Now that it's flying, I'm gonna print/build up a mock camera. I found a RED Komodo dummy file on thingiverse. I'm gonna print it up and add a bunch of weights and see what's going on. Kinda like Nurk did with the Siccario (?). When I'm more comfortable with it, I might try and throw my DSLR (mirrorless, whatever that's called) on there and see if I can actually get some decent footage with this setup.

Soooo Muuuuuch Poooowwwweeeerrrr. I mean, really. A lot. Metric-ass-Ton. Power for days... week... years. Lol. But, it'll suck the juice FAST. Every Punchout slammed the battery. I have 2 2200mah 4s's on the way. I'm gonna run them in parallel and hope that when I get the dummy weight on there it'll be enough power/juice. Here's to hoping. Lol. The way it stands now, this thing feels like driving an F1 car in a school zone. LMAO!! It just wants to go. I need to get some more weight on there. I'm also gonna have to design up some landing gear or something. Landing/taking off with bottom mount battery... and 4 pusher motor/props going is kinda sketch. I need to get some stability down there. Soon enough. I'm really liking this thing so far. I need to get my 107 just in case. LMAO!!

Thanks for watching!!

I'm Flying: 1.5x GepRC Mark4 HD frames/HGLRC Zeus F7 FC/2x iFlight Succex 40A Esc's/8x iFlight 2306 2450kv Motors/Nazgul 5140 Props/DJI Air Unit/TBS Crossfire Nano/Immortal T/CNHL 4s 1800mah battery/GoPro Hero6 black/

TBS Tango 2/NewBee Drone Neckstrap/DJI V1 goggles/iFlight Chrystal Patch and Omni antennas and goggle strap/

Song: Rodeo Clowns - Jack Johnson

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