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08.04.2021 16:16:57
Live RMA HGLRC Petrel - Customer Claims are Incorrect from Cyclone FPV фото

Cyclone FPV is now building and uploading our entire of Online Tutorials, our Educational , and Drone Curriculum, our Extensive Drone Certification Program, and our Members Only Live Online Training Courses, through our sister company (Unmanned Vehicle Training Centers of America). An entire online dedicated to Air, Land, and Water Vehicles, will begin to be published on our UVTCA website. Please visit the website by going to

Our RMA Live Series videos the returns and warranty claim items that we receive from customers. We are held accountable, and we hold customers responsible so that everyone remains honest and upfront.

Please understand that my intentions are not to embarrass or shame anyone, which is why I do not mention the name of the individuals. My goal is to make sure to offer great support and warranty services when necessary while also preventing individuals from taking advantage of our policies and kindness.

Look, Cyclone FPV is not Wal-Mart. The customer is not always right, and your items are not going to be returned without question. Based on current trouble tickets, I have seen no higher than 10% accuracy on RMA Claims. 1 out of every ten is honest and legitimate. The other nine are not being upfront, and this is costing me time and money.

So, with all that said, I am going to start filming the RMA’s and making sure that I cover my ass so that I do not have credit card chargeback claims for items that did not meet the return guidelines and parameters, as stated on the Cyclone FPV website.

As always, if you have any questions, please use my online contact form at the following link:

And I will help you to find an answer. You may also request a video to be made like this one, which I will happily do at no charge. After all, if you have a question, there is a good chance someone else does as well.

Make sure to like our channel, please and subscribe to us. This is the best way to say thank you and support our efforts. You can also find us at the following:



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Pacific Northwest Pilots
08.04.2021 16:59:47
I understand your frustration, people watch videos of quads ripping bandos, doing crazy tricks like Vikfpv and they think they will instantly get in the air and do them as well. There is such a steep learning curve in this hobby, which isn't really focused on from most of the popular YouTubers. JB does a great job of explaining the risks and what is needed to have a fun experience. Most others just show a quad at its best, with no struggle.
Romeo d Iracheta
09.04.2021 08:55:10
Airmode could cause that too besides the fact he had the motors in reverse smh
Drone Pilot
08.04.2021 16:40:17
I saw a video of a guy with a 10" with motor direction wrong and tried to get it up in an office space, it launched and smashed horribly. I thought its a simple test when configuring to check that, none the less on first arm and touch of throttle you should always have your finger on the disarm ready to flick it and be on the ready to drop throttle down and be very gentle with movements. I can only imagine the frustrating for you Im sure seeing all these things come in your almost certain of what the problem is before even starting it up.
Tabbatha Buden
08.04.2021 17:17:10
FreeRangeChicken RC
08.04.2021 17:09:16
I couldn’t do what you do and stay sane. YT is the best and the worst source for FPV knowledge because half these how-to / troubleshooting vids are incomplete or out dated. FPV isn’t for everyone. It can be a challenge, especially in the beginning. Thanks for sharing the process.
Sky Drive
08.04.2021 18:30:17
First, let me say I love your channel. Theres no wrong direction for the motors. Instead, the prop direction is wrong for the motor configuration. I run props out so when I land or crash in grass, it doesn't cover the lense with debis.
Justin T
08.04.2021 22:37:55
I always get my popcorn ready for these videos! Best thing since The Maury Povich Show.