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10.04.2021 07:13:10
Abandoned jail walk through vlog fpv and more фото

This is an amazing spot, a disgusting spot at the same time. I had limited time, rando people roaming, and I had broken the qwad ( or so I thought, it was just a loose plug on the flight controller) I would love to get time to go back look around more and show you guys and explain a lot. So if anyone is interested, maybe we can hit this place!! The floors in at least the front wing are all glass on the outer walk way. (even the ones in the main area I flew, I just didn't notice until I got home) The mesh in the big walk way to the front entrance, is where visitors would speak with their family or friends who were inmates here. The hospital area is what I thought, it was. The "courtyard" is not a recreation area at all, it has a more grim tale, you will have to subscribe to get the rest of the story when we go back!!

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