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10.04.2021 10:31:38
Can I use my DJI Digital Googles to Fly Analogue using a modified Eachine Cvatar? фото

By modified I mean I've added a matek BEC to power the VTX

AND ripped out the eachine vtx for a rushtank for this test, they are literally just thrown in and not secured, I've never had confidence to fly analogue, so let's see how this goes.

The snow at full throttle I assume was caused by the bec and vtx literally just thrown on top of the stack, this was nothing more than a flight test... I even had zip ties ????????
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Bec tbs unify
Bec vtx
Tbs crossfire
Flying Analogue after being a digital only pilot
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Dji goggles analogue adapter
Dji goggles analogue DVR
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Radiomaster tx16s
Eachine cvatar
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