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10.04.2021 18:14:33
FPV Break Flight in California - 2021-04-08 - Bad Video фото

What's there to say: Bad lighting, Bad time of day, Bad flying, Bad landing, Bad music choice (but still good music), etc.

-- Drone --
Quad: iFlight Chimera 4
Camera and DVR: Runcam Split 3 Micro

-- Contents --
0:00 First flight, I thought I wouldn't include this one.
5:10 Second flight, I thought I might include it, but it wasn't great
9:50 Third flight, and I was painfully aware that light was diminishing, and wanted to use up the LIPO quickly

-- Music --
"Schubert - Imprecisiones Op 90 No 3: Schubert but you are the last human on Mars" by DC JC is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Категория: Наука и техника
Теги: bad, flight, and, but, music, fpv, schubert, california, video, include, the

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