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10.04.2021 19:07:09
Dji fpv 10km longrange run feed, 20km+ total Low latency. + ground level 3km test. Added Srt overlay фото

This time I put low latency/50mbit up for the 10k test. Came back with some very good results including good signal far out there and low to the ground 3km test. Take a look for yourself. The numbers don`t lie ;)
The dji fpv system has proven to be a very good midrange tool. Fantastic to injoy the view for a change compared to analog. But for some real longrange analog is still king but I must admit digital is far sweeter in the range they have given us. I often fly after a preplaned google map route, this was no different. The advantage of seeing and navigate far ahead is huge something that analog lacks.

The setup is crucial to get these result. Especially the antenna part on the quad. Needs to be good, as long as possible to clear the frame and held in a good polarization during the whole flight . You can see what else I used in the description below.

Iflight nazgul5 HD 5inch quad
Nazgul 5140 prop
farinsframes 6s1p 21700 4000mah
Caddx vista, 15cm albatross 3dbi ant
1200mw, temp controll off, low latency, 50mbit, focus mode off
Gps (rescue) safety up against digital transmission loss/rx loss
Crossfire nano / immortal t
Goggles with 2#trueRC​ x-air
Tango 2 250mw dynamic
20+km in total.
84km/h avg
14amp avg
3570mah consumed
AUW 863g

For comparison here I fly 12.6km in high quality mode. Aprox the same route, height, temp and humidity condition. For those of you that have already seen it. I updated it a few days ago with srt dvr overlay so you can do I direct signal/mbps comparison if you like

Thank you for watching

#djifpv​ #tango2​ #tbs​ #iflight​ #nazgul5​ #farinsframes​ #crossfire​

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