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10.04.2021 20:20:32
Su-35 + F-16 Formation Flights (With and Without FPV) ✈️ HD 60fps фото

Su-35 and F-16 formation flights with and without FPV!
The first flight was done in VLOS without goggles. The rest of the flights were performed using FPV gear, flying from 'cockpit view' :)

For a slow-motion / music video edit of these flights go here:

Non-FPV formation is not truly my forte, this is one of the first times I try it out and certainly... there's much to learn, but it wasn't that bad!
But then, FPV formation flying with two FPV jets is truly nuts! :DDD
I have been waiting for the opportunity to fly in formation with another FPV jet for years, but there are not that many people around that do this (yet), let alone with good-enough piloting skills!

Recently I had the opportunity to fly with an old friend, as he is now coming back into the hobby and we 'kickstarted' his return with a badass formation flight session. This requires both lead and chase pilot to fly very, VERY smoothly and requires some technique and experience if you want to minimize risk of crashing. Thing is, the session came out fantastic!
We had a couple of 'hot' moments but nothing too bad, can't wait for the next session! :DDDD

Mind that the entirety of the flights were performed with FPV on both jets from take-off to landing (minus the last Su-35 landing as there was a problem with the video signal and I had to switch to VLOS).

You don't get to see this every day, enjoy!
FPV jets rule! :DDD

These were Nadya's flights 165th, 168th and 169th.

Su-35 pilot: Airguardian
F-16 pilot: Jordi Cabezas
Ground video: Luis Ibáñez
Airfield: Club Aeromodelisme Els Cards


Regarding my SU-35 setup:

This is a highly modded Freewing SU-35S. It includes an autopilot controller and an FPV headtracking visual system that makes the plane effectively a UAV/RPA. (Stabilizing functions not active in the flights shown).

The 'autopilot' is a FeiYu-Tech FY-41AP and it also provides the OSD seen on the FPV window.

Just as virtual reality 'VR' goggles are used to play videogames, here a similar technique is used to watch what the plane sees in real time just like if you were sitting in the plane's cockpit, and the camera will follow your head movements!

This is kind of 'reality virtualized' as opposed to 'virtual reality' ... what do you think about it? I encourage you to leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

As for the jet itself, the SU-35S is well known for its supermaneuverability features, that are a result of a good aerodynamic design coupled with the use of thrust vectoring nozzless.

The pilot displays a few post-stall maneuvers using the TV nozzles that would be otherwise impossible to perform with a normal jet aircraft.


Airplane: Freewing SU-35S dual 70mm EDF
Motors: 2x RC Lander 6S DPS
Rotors: 2x Wemotec Mini Classic (5 blades)
Fan shrouds: Stock Freewing (4 stator vanes)
ESCs: 2x 80A Hobbywing Skywalker
Servos: Corona DS-939MG
Taileron servos: Turnigy TGY-306G
Receivers: 2x FrSky RX8R working in D16 mode, one with telemetry.
Rx Battery: Rhino 2S 610mAh
Main Battery: Turnigy Panther 6S 5000mAh 75C
Video Tx: Boscam 5.8G 32ch 600mW Wireless AV Transmitter
FPV cam: Eachine OKKAN EK1119
Autopilot/OSD: FeiyuTech FY-41AP

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