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11.04.2021 00:17:21
Insta360 GO 2 // FPV drone through the forest 林の中を飛んでみた фото

#Insta360GO2 on the #FPV Drone (Geprc Cinequeen, 3 inch cinewhoop) through the forest.
Easy as its predecessor, the Insta360 GO, Much better image quality, Great battery life! Can’t wait to fly again.
I wish the app would come with a “Locate my GO2” mode in case of crashes. For a moment I thought I had lost my brand new favorite camera!
Edited on Insta360 app and LumaFusion. I wish a GoPro style mount would come with the standard kit, but for now you can buy it separately on the Insta360 store.


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