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11.04.2021 00:40:53
Biggest Proxy FPV Contest EVER!!! фото

Proxy Wars! May the sickest, lowest, nastiest, proxy rip win!!!

Hey FPV FREESTYLE PILOTS! Do you like to rip PROXYSTYLE? Want to show off your sick AF skills? Then the PROXY WARS CONTEST is for you! The contest is hosted by TEAM RELENTLESS a crew of FPV PROXYSTYLE mad dawgs! We want to bring together like mind FPV Pilots to compete for top dawg and a pile of booty! (treasure). This will be a serious contest with a strict judging criterion. Although location and music are awesome, you will only be judge on rippin’ excellence!

Follow this link for details and instructions to submit your rips -

Thanks for all the effort Team Relentless!!!

Video footage of straight THROWING down courtesy of BigOilyGuy -

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drone daze
11.04.2021 00:53:34
that shit was awesome
Mr Magoo
11.04.2021 00:43:33
Proxy wars?Should be interesting.
Michael McReynolds
11.04.2021 00:45:59
Michael McReynolds
11.04.2021 00:45:41
You want people to show you their stuff I don't think they can top your stuff that was fantastic broke specially wouldn't you went down that smokestack that was totally awesome bro never seen nothing like that to tell you the truth I ain't never seen nobody fly like you you're an awesome fpv pilot you're really smooth on the sticks bro what a very impressive flight and a very impressive video I enjoyed it at was magnificent bro thank you for sharing take care and I'll see you at your next one be safe and happy flying my friend
11.04.2021 01:00:22
OOOH Yeeaah!! Step into a PROXY CONTEST!! SAVAGE RIP ????????????
11.04.2021 00:58:40
This is exciting!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Noid fpv
11.04.2021 00:46:59
Oh shit. I was thinking about you this morning. Wondering when you were gonna post. Well I have my assignment. Time to go rip.