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22.08.2018 21:50:59
JJRC JJPRO X5 EPIK 5G WIFI 1080P FPV GPS Follow Me RC Quadcopter RTF фото

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Another awesome GPS quadcopter that has all of the RTH functions working perfectly!!!
Maximum distance will be tackled next so stay tuned :)

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Sauniks - Heart of Gold [Royalty Free Music]

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JJRC JJPRO X5 EPIK 5G WIFI 1080P FHD FPV One-Axis Gimble with GPS Follow Me Mode RC Quadcopter RTF

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Funk Chunk
20.02.2019 04:34:00
How do you charge these proprietary batteries without using their cheap, SLOW chargers? Can you use the Venom duo or the SkyRC Imax BC?
Gustavo Rojo
25.04.2019 19:02:29
Is it possible to fly this drone without GPS? Could we fly this drone right out of the box like a bugs 3?
Double Oh 7
21.04.2019 03:03:44
That is seriously impressive for less than £200!!!!!!
Theresa Magill
15.02.2020 22:20:14
I have the JJRC x5 2k. The battery is a 7.6v 2420mah. Any ideas on charging the battery with hobby grade charger and what adapters needed. Thanks so much! I know the original battery was 7.4v 1800mah and had a different battery box than mine. ????
01.11.2019 21:53:57
I have a bugs 3 charger, it charged its batteries faster. The adapter for the X5 fits, and seems to be the same voltage etc. Do you know if it would hurt to try it for charging the batteries for the X5?
26.08.2019 18:02:37
Hi, is it the same drone you're showing the same you did the intro of this video? Its a big difference from one to another! :o
Eddie Davis
22.08.2018 23:43:22
Great review Pete????. I think the camera quality looks good but it seems to drop frames like crazy. I like the looks of the B5W better. Is MJX and JJRC the same company?
PD Tech
24.08.2018 01:02:47
Looks like a great alternative to the bugs version ;)
Barnabás Reizinger
27.04.2019 19:23:41
Samsung Galaxy j3 2016 isn't supported by fpv, is it?
buddy morgan
23.06.2019 20:38:57
I bought the jjrcx5 from ebay and the controller is defective, Ebay customer service is horrible. The seller does very little to assist me.We need to have these scandalous companies reprimanded Don't buy from Ebay find a better source that has a warranty program.
23.08.2018 02:03:55
Shame they cant get this fpv efficient.
buddy morgan
24.06.2019 04:41:38
Ebay is just like a hooker ,WHO'S NEXT TO BE F'ED OUT OF YOUR MONEY
Ron Brown
23.08.2018 01:26:56
This one looks a lot like the BUGS 5w. Good review Pete.
Dimua Belka
08.12.2018 20:01:15
Is there any information in Russian?
24.01.2019 11:18:31
Would you buy a bugs 5w or jjrc x5?
Miah Meshel
11.03.2019 08:59:04
Is the Intro clip taken by this drone??
28.08.2018 14:14:57
Enjoy them while you can. Things are getting ready to get ugly for the hobbyist in the next few months.
David Ellis
29.10.2018 17:34:17
Don't you have to have a 5 G phone to get the video signal most people here in the UK are 3G and 4G makes you wander weather the drone and phone companies are in cahoots to make you buy more recent phones.
Chrille Bäckis
27.08.2018 19:17:38
I do like this drone. Comparing to my syma and my xiaomi i do like it
RC Escape
30.08.2018 05:27:26
check out these coupon codes. They will expire soon. goo.gl/3CmZf3?
David Ellis
28.10.2018 05:33:12
I have orderd this drone it looks good but you have to wait as they send them from china, what i dont like are drones they put eyes on there babyish.

31.10.2018 08:51:25
It has a bullshit attitude restriction of 150 meters. Deal breaker for me
Robs Rob
08.09.2018 18:58:07
Hi. I absolutely love the video. great job dude. I have a question though. what is the actual footage recorded on the micro SD card like. It seems jumpy and stutter-y in your video. Thanks again.
Michael Reyes
23.08.2018 10:01:29
Seems like MJX is doing great. JJRC seems to not able to improve upon the HAX 3. Like my B3 and B2C.
Philip Goings
19.09.2019 03:23:00
Can you change the distance and height from meters to feet?
Van Sickmeier
13.12.2018 00:55:48
The video in the beginning, was that shot from the JJRC JJPRO X5 EPIK?