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28.05.2019 04:19:27
KF607 Optical Flow Foldable WIFI FPV Quadcopter RTF фото

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A foldable arm and foldable propeller quadcopter with remote tilt adjustable angle wifi fpv camera with a choice of battery quantity and camera quality.
Quadcopter performed as expected with 3 speed controls, headless mode, one key to take off and land as well as an optical flow sensor that helped to hold its position almost like that of a GPS quaidcopter.
The 2.4ghz wifi connection howeer, interfered with the hard remote and at times caused the wifi fpv feed to freeze in time and needed to be reconnected from scratch.
There is no micro sd card dvr on this unit and thus the recording is captured via the wifi phone app and although the unit tested supposedly is a 4k camera unit, the video recording was 1080p.
The control distance was average at about 50 - 70 meters.

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The stuff I use :

Taranis Q x7s

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headplay goggles

Skyzone goggles

runcam 2

Jumper T8SG

HQ Prop

Gemfan 5152

Gemfan 5149

Cyclone T5046C

Frsky XM+

CNHL 1300MAH 100C 4S LIPO &product_id=4

HOBBYMATE D6 Duo Pro Battery Charger


Huge Landing Pad

AKK A3 FPV AIO Micro Camera vvv

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wifi fpv
KF607 Quadcopter Optical Flow Pressure Altitude Hold

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28.05.2019 04:31:08
A other great review Pete. ???????????????????? Thanks for sharing
Hy Patrick
10.09.2019 17:01:53
how far it can fly ?
VAPING WITH TOM planet cloud
21.01.2020 01:31:58
Mine flew off also disconnecting all the time rubbish pictures are crap to 4k 4get it
Stephen Jr Rosal
07.08.2019 07:29:56
great vid. please do an app fpv distance run with the xiaomi repeater
Bobby Sutton
28.05.2019 04:31:31
Thanks for the Review on this quad ..... when i first read the description i was thinking how could it have 4k camera for this price.... so i am happy to see you doing this review to see if it stacks up with the claims....... it does have some Good features for the price.
VAPING WITH TOM planet cloud
16.08.2019 17:24:02
Hi buddy how fast is this drone please
Graw chave
14.06.2019 01:37:20
Câmara 1080p ??? Câmara 4k??
Roberta Rodriguez
16.10.2019 13:02:13
The HFun App does NOT work, after I click install the app it keeps loading and just kept prompting "waiting for download" forever.... Can you please help? thanks
Peter lemos
28.06.2019 13:12:02
Hi can someone please tell me is the app that is needed to download the software to my cell.Could you please e-mail this info to [email protected] Peter
RC Escape
11.07.2019 09:51:20
Coupon Codes!!! goo.gl/3CmZf3
Tommy Drone's Drone Reviews &am
21.06.2019 06:53:51
Very good review. Seems nice.
Marcus Johansson
12.09.2019 22:42:26
Where can i buy spare blades to this drone?
birdman316 RC
02.06.2019 21:31:17
nice review pete!im sure it woulda self landed when the battery got low enuff lol
08.02.2020 00:46:57
need quick answer regarding this particular drone. How does it react to flying out of range?
mighty moe
15.08.2019 05:39:31
I wish when you speak about the different controls on the remote you actually show the button you punch. Maybe you can hold it up to the recording camera
VAPING WITH TOM planet cloud
10.08.2019 22:16:00
How fast is it buddy
aadil hassim
26.06.2019 21:26:36
New fan right hereGood review
VAPING WITH TOM planet cloud
11.09.2019 02:04:56
Just got one of these and the drone app keeps crashing when using 4k it just wont work man what a bummer...????
VAPING WITH TOM planet cloud
17.08.2019 18:38:20
5g model yea
Uwe K
29.05.2019 01:11:24
50-70 meter and 4k data transmitted with 2.7 frequency cause no SD card? Makes absolutely no sense to me...
J.P. Sayer
10.07.2019 18:52:15
They should call it the KFC607 and sell it in a red and white striped box. Finger licking good? lol!
19.07.2019 19:26:19
Where can I get an extra battery for this drone? Just the battery I have the drone
Al B. Dersame
02.06.2019 16:21:53
Hey bro, your video popped up on the feed when I got on YouTube. What a great vid here. You did one Hell of a good job explaining everything !!! You know your drones. Excellent job of editing too ! It's actually a good thing that there were some issues with this one, because you were able to demonstrate how to correct these problems. That was really cool. You made me an instant fan ! Definitely not 4k but with all of the cool features this quad has ? I would love to have one of these. Hopefully they can fix the issues with this one in future upgrades. Thanks for a great review.
VAPING WITH TOM planet cloud
16.08.2019 17:27:54
Found the battery spec 1800mah 3.7 volt
Chelle Alit
14.06.2019 16:05:26
Is this the tac tic drone on ads i was so interested you came up thanks! ????????
21.07.2019 06:53:45
Thanks for the thorough review.
Jamis Fpv
28.05.2019 04:23:46
Temuri Kakachiya
14.09.2019 03:17:09
How to make propelers stiff?
28.05.2019 04:24:01
Second ???????? ???????? ???????? ????
New Tech
10.06.2019 17:42:07
My controller is not working, tho i used my phone to control the drone but i can rotate the camera cus there no option on my phone. How can i use my controller? Ps i just bought it today
Wolfy Maceastern
28.05.2019 06:20:17
What do you recommend this or the z5
Adrian Mateo Drones
27.06.2019 19:53:20
Nice video my good Sir. Nicely done and good job. Thanks for sharing the video. Nice. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️. I just subscribe to your channel and would appreciate it if you subscribe to my YouTube channel as well. Thanks for all you do and please keep flying.
bwas fpv
28.05.2019 08:23:19
Another great review,????,,
Roshan pradeep Jayaweera
17.08.2019 19:49:35
How is Windy Day Fly Performance
Sleeping Bear
28.05.2019 04:31:36
Working on Memorial day! Lol nice video.. as always!
Agung Nation
02.06.2019 02:01:50
Apakh ini benar benar 4k
RC Escape
28.05.2019 17:21:56
My total flight time was about 16.5 minutes.
John Wedrall
28.05.2019 05:36:52
Nice thorough review ????
18.08.2019 00:51:21
Thanks for very informative video! I would however like to know if it's capable of 4K video (if you have a chance).
04.07.2019 22:52:10
Thanks for saving me from buying this. Ill just stick to my ScharkSchack 1080p drone for my cheapo drone and just save up for a Hubsan 1080p GPS drone for my next one. 4K for 70 is too good to be true