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04.05.2019 11:07:05
ZLRC SG906 Beast review - NEW Dual GPS 5G WiFi FPV Foldable RC Drone фото

NEW ZLRC SG906 Beast review. First full independent review of this NEW ZLRC SG906 Beast 4K Dual GPS & Optical Flow 5G WiFi FPV Foldable RC Quadcopter Drone RTF. This ZLRC SG906 Beast review includes unboxing, inspection, setup, app overview, gps calibration, functions, features & flight tests. Flight action starts at 16:15 .

NB. WiFi device must be 802.11 a/c compatible AND Android phones with v5.0 and above need 3g and above ram memory & v8.0 and above need 6g and above ram memory for the app to work with this. iPhone 6 and above with ios 8.0 and above supports 2k .

You can get this NEW ZLRC SG906 Beast 4K Dual GPS 5G WiFi FPV Foldable RC Drone Optical Flow Positioning RTF here now:

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Spaniard Camp
04.05.2019 11:24:01
dont have sd card slot bill?
dj spike47
12.09.2019 18:42:59
Hello paul § thank for your vidéos.Im french...this drone function on 4g wifi ?
04.05.2019 23:18:47
What's the maximum altitude range in meters?
Andrew Thrift
04.05.2019 12:27:15
Great review! How would you compare to the F11?
Jupany Camingao
11.05.2019 14:01:15
noob pilot
Daddeo 7.62x39
07.05.2019 02:54:59
Thanks for the outstanding review. New sub and I rang the bell... ????
22.05.2019 10:17:20
Memori slot please??
29.06.2019 20:05:38
good review!
09.12.2019 04:18:20
Hi I have a question : is the battery's joystick chargeable or we should change tge battary when it's empty?Thanks so much
anang buluck
11.05.2019 14:24:28
where's good sir with sg906, sjrc f11 ?
Phil Chandler
15.05.2019 22:11:05
Beware: the app fails to connect to some phones, even if they have 5G. My Motorola G5, for example.
Alvin Bernales
05.05.2019 05:44:12
Finally a full review. Now I'm not worried about the quality and performance when my order arrives coz I think this is pretty decent drone I see no problem and I'm not concerned with the SD card not on board. Optical Flow sensor is a trade off and I choose this option rather than SD recording. I think the Only problem with the drone is people expect too much with it's price range. if its just for fun and hobby I don't think there's no complaint about this new Drone. There are other option if your wallet is Fat. and if you are into serious droning function and performance. Good Video Review my friend thank you!
Olivier Schotveld
04.05.2019 21:59:16
Nice, the first review on this drone! I think you will get many views!
don ladds
03.12.2019 03:20:50
I have one of these and my iPhone 5s supports it no probs as with all my drones nice bid bill
FirstName LastName
05.05.2019 02:15:21
I wonder why it has a removable camera module..
John Gilmore
31.12.2019 17:40:17
Charging time sucks!!!!!!
Alex Medina
09.09.2019 13:42:04
How can fly on gps mode #2Always look #1 on control
Nyhyl Denys
30.07.2019 19:10:18
Hey bill and u tell me why is my phone cant display the drones wifi I have a galaxy s7 edge
Liborio Di Caro
05.05.2019 14:15:14
So..No sd slot?
Ltecnic Drones
04.05.2019 22:46:28
Very nice video like Bill
Bobby Sutton
04.05.2019 12:10:37
Awesome ........ First Review on Youtube ..... Great job on this Bill.
Roy Black
03.02.2020 14:23:44
How the fuck do we download the app for the beast 5g wi if the fucking thing you are reviewing
giovannozzo smith
26.08.2019 23:04:25
Is my phone combative with 5g WI fi? (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)
Sada Besa
06.05.2019 17:16:49
HI Bill , Amazing Video!!!!!Can I now if the drone have a SD card to record videos and photos?Thanks
Gibson Angel René
07.05.2019 10:21:42
Do the optical flow work indoors ? I like to buying this drone or the sjrc f11 dam not easy to choose
Curtis Slaughter
04.05.2019 22:15:02
Great drone, I have one on the way. Really enjoyed your review. Thank you.
simon simon
04.05.2019 19:57:28
It is a shame no SD card slot on board. Good drone and review.
frank harley
01.06.2019 15:32:09
what is name of ios app for this drone please ?