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05.07.2016 18:19:03
Syma X8HW - WiFi FPV and Altitude Hold фото

Getting back to my roots, Banggood was kind enough to send the Syma X8HW Wifi FPV for review. The Syma X5C-1 was the first quadcopter I flew and it started me back into RC.

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This 350 sized quadcopter has large brushed motors providing plenty of thrust and torque for the 9 inch propellers, a reasonable 1 megapixel WiFi FPV camera with onboard recording, a 2000mah battery and altitude hold.

From box to crash, come along as we put the RTF Syma X8HW through the paces.



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Syma X8HW WiFi FPV
Syma Wifi fpv
Syma X8HW
ready to fly quadcopter
ready to fly quad

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Gareth Taggart
03.11.2016 14:22:50
Great video, I have a question I have a x8hg if I buy wifi camera will a be able to use it on my fone in fpv .
Mikael Veiga
16.08.2018 17:01:29
sou do brasil
29.10.2017 00:23:40
How does the stock camera pair with a SmartPhone? And what kind of range?
Scott Snodgrass
28.12.2017 22:45:02
When landing, if you pull the throttle all the way down..dose it stop all props and fall out of the sky?
Adam Woodward
25.08.2016 20:02:13
why is every box you receive in the mail fucked?????
09.01.2018 22:16:43
Can video and pictures be done with the remote transmitter. I do not like WiFi.I prefer using just the transmitter for record and taking pictures.
Brian P
15.03.2017 12:48:19
Thanks for a really good video , I only wish I could fly it as well as you haha . I recently bought the same model as my first drone , but man , I suck as a pilot. It seems to have a mind of its own ,and doesn't respond well to the remote .Ive needed to crash land it deliberately a few time just to stop it dissapear in onto the horizon . Just need to keep practicing I guess , but getting a bit disheartened by my failures .
angel FPV
08.07.2016 15:17:37
160 is the max range with Fpv?whats the max range without Fpv?
Gareth Taggart
03.11.2016 19:21:46
Thanks for the reply and keep up the great reviews