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24.03.2018 17:08:08
Syma X22W WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter drone - Full Review фото

Syma X22W review. This Syma X22W Wifi FPV Quadcopter drone review includes unboxing, inspection, setup, flight & features tests. This is a stable little fpv flier with a 720p HD camera, altitude hold & waypoint navigation. You can get this here:

You can get this here:

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Squirrels World
24.03.2018 17:11:10
I started out with syma I still fly there products. So glad you did this review.
Поиск и приключения на Юге
24.03.2018 17:31:59
Torro ́s RC Channel
25.03.2018 02:25:22
Awesome review Video and a really cool FPV Copter......thumbs up Bill ????????
Bill M - RC
26.03.2018 21:04:30
Hi, thank you for watching & asking. Due to the number of questions & enquiries I get now, I only respond to subscribers. It is only fair for my time and costs you nothing to subscribe. Sorry, hope you understand. Regards, Bill.
14.02.2019 07:51:58
is... no one gonna mention that camera quality?
Telugu technologies telugu technolo
17.11.2018 06:46:07
Nice video.. Thanks
p u r e INSANITY
16.01.2020 15:51:11
When i connect the camera to the phone, the syma controller doesnt work!! I can only use the controls on my phone screen and it works terribly, non manouverably! PLEASE HELP!?!!