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20.09.2018 05:18:12
TIANQU VISUO XS812 GPS 5G WiFi FPV Foldable RC Quadcopter RTF фото

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It has been upgraded once more with GPS!!!
This video checks out the GPS functions of this quadcopter.

This time, it comes with a 5G wifi fpv camera module.

In the previous models, the 2.4g wifi fpv connection was further increase dramatically via a cheap wifi signal repeater and it was flyable with the phone app controls but this time, the phone app is not capable of flying the quad but has some gps functional buttons and no virtual sticks but it does come with a bigger remote controller with smooth gimbals.

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Shadi Joy
28.10.2018 15:42:57
Great review... How do you enable the satellite map? Mine (galaxy 8 note) stays on standard when I select the satellite map.
RC Escape
20.09.2018 06:39:47
Check it out here bit.ly/2xd2y5f (6%OFF Coupon:XS812)
16.12.2018 04:51:18
The XS816 is out--when are you reviewing it? It has an optical flow sensor and (i think) the same 1800 mAh battery as the 812. It could end up being the better upgrade from the fantastic XS809S! us.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopters/pp_009176544524.html?wid=1433363
Scotty K
11.10.2018 16:08:37
very good presentation and very good drone for his money ...
VAPING WITH TOM planet cloud
11.07.2019 14:21:53
Longer flight time no video recording ?
Dean Daniels
14.10.2018 12:41:00
It would be nice to see brushless motors in the future.
paulie lie_fpv
20.09.2018 05:38:01
Nice review man cheers ????
Steve Phillips
20.02.2019 10:23:53
What is the name of the app for the XS812?
07.10.2018 02:26:29
if they throw brushless motors on this I am sold.
17.03.2019 04:59:57
15:09 what does "prop pull" mean? Does it mean the camera leveling off to the original angle? If so that seems a desirable feature - to compensate for the tilting of the drone body...
27.10.2018 09:58:54
what's thw name of the app controller in play store
El Primo
07.08.2019 07:57:51
Do some modifications replace the motors with brushless and range mod
DC MotoVlog
04.01.2019 19:55:43
can you tilt the camera remotly?
20.09.2018 05:53:25
dont they make a 5g repeater?
Bob A
29.01.2019 19:52:09
I am waiting for brushless motors and bug fixes. I am still using the 809S and an udirc 818A Plus.
W.G. Brown
20.09.2018 18:19:46
Wow, thanks sir, GearBest told me it was NOT the same battery as the BattleShark but it is, so good to know,I wonder why they told me that crap ????????????????
Maria Ferreira
21.09.2018 21:38:52
Como traduzi esse vídeo para português comprei um desse mais não encontrei vídeo em portuqies
Adenski Bons
03.01.2019 02:28:48
Hi...with models being upgraded now to 5G wifi, will it still possible to fly this drone without connecting to its wifi? The App which can be downloaded, do you think can help fly this drone alone?..other functions may not work without wifi, what I like is the new gps and video, but 5g wifi not available to my mobile..thanks
21.09.2018 14:08:59
He has a double GPS? which is better, this or the s series s30w? I'm in doubt between the 2
Alan Schmidt
18.02.2019 07:00:54
What CellPhones are Compatible with this Drone?
epson exxon
26.09.2018 18:50:27
It could have been a superb upgrade, but the flight time was disappointing at around 12mins without all the high speed flying and 360 flips compared to the battle sharks version which could do about 15 to 18 mins with high speed flying and flips. Could the upgraded features like GPS and 5G wifi affected the battery consumption? By the way, does this quad have 360 flips and rolls? Also the flight range is just the same with the older versions, at around 100m, the 200m capability of wifi ohone app does not improve the range since the wifi capability depends on the transmitter range since i think this has no virtual sticks on the gps app. But aside from the follow me, waypoints, precise one key return home, fail safe rth and orbit features, I also noticed that visuo improved the design in placing a ventilated cover below each propellers. This would really help minimize the frequent damage of the moving parts but a direct motor to propeller connection would really be an upgrade.avoiding all the moving parts like gears, shafting and bearings.
C Spencer
13.10.2018 01:16:59
Hey there, great review of the visuo. I just received mine and also does the "plateau effect" that you mention after going foward. Is there a fix for this? Other reviews don't seem to have this problem.
ruben sanchez
13.01.2019 20:05:53
sg900s vs xs812???? Which one to buy?
Wulf Claw
10.12.2019 00:10:44
SHAMEFUL how the companies usually Do Not list the motors - which are NOT BRUSHLESS in their specs. Otherwise, somewhat decent quadcopters appear to be 'dialed-in' as competative with the better designed of the bunch that run BRUSHLESS. Also camera angle cannot be remotely adjusted.????Junk- IMO.Wulfy
Tegno Eric
06.12.2018 18:11:17
Hi! please what is the maximum altitud of this drone?and can the camera snap vertically to the ground?
JustAnother RegularGuy
07.10.2018 05:47:11
What's a "plato effect"? Never heard a reviewer say that.
22.09.2018 06:50:26
Awesome Pete, cant wait until mine gets here. Cheers brother
20.09.2018 05:42:36
almost like the xiro drone transmitter
24.06.2019 05:19:36
Order from Banggood and by the time you get it.. the 16k version will be out.. lmao... you can get this through Walmart for $145.35 and 3 batteries with 1080p cam.. in about a week shipping.. I know RC Escape needs to make money off this and pimp out banggood.. but common dude.. think about the people .. not just the money..!!
jose jesus granizo maldonado
29.09.2018 13:10:07
Que tipo de movil es compatible con Visuo 812 ? gracias....
ชาตรี อินทรสุข
10.12.2018 17:59:24
กากครับเอาของพังมาขายซื้อมากล้องใช้ไม่ได้,No Wi-Fi ผมซื้อมาจากร้านAynshop บริการลูกค้าฮ่วยมากๆ
Gregory Hall
20.09.2018 06:54:17
Good review Pete, I have the original version with altitude hold and it still flies pretty well.
Stephen Jr Rosal
06.08.2019 01:59:29
can you disable the gps to make it fly longer?
Todd Montgomery
20.09.2018 05:19:52
First to say first good looking drone????.
Tim Lienert
10.10.2018 16:55:58
Hey I can't find the wifi of my drohne can you help me please?
Martin T
14.12.2018 02:23:08
Great review as always, the controller has GPS marking on it as well as on the quad, do you know if controller has a GPS chip fitted inside?
Mike's Channel
30.01.2019 13:08:53
Have you done any distance test on the XS812? Seems like there is a 200m geo fencing and I'm still trying to figure out how to disable the geo fence limit.
Bijay Subedi
08.01.2019 08:56:55
This or DJI ryze tello?
Francesco Ardito
28.01.2019 01:37:40
Please Help! I did buy the xs812 drone. Aftern binding the control with the drone I press the bottom right button to calibrate the compass. At this time both green and red lights are blinking. I rotate 3,4,5 times the drone horizontally and the red lights become solid. I then turn it nose down and turn it 3,4,5 times. The green lights become solid BUT the red lights start blinking again! Why this? There is NO WAY at all to get to the point where all green and red lights are solid! Can anyone help me understand? Thanks a lot!
Steve Phillips
21.02.2019 11:32:59
What is the name of the app for the XS812?
24.06.2019 05:08:20
John Doe
28.08.2019 04:31:16
i just got the XS 816 model,can i used the batteries i have into the 1 you are showing
cliff curson
25.12.2019 21:07:33
The reason it goes up,when you press the home button,is to capture the signal from the CELLPHONE TOWERS, NOT Satellites.
BassMan Strikes
18.01.2019 07:03:08
Do the camera and video buttons work on the remote? I just got the battle sharks one and the buttons on the remote for video and pics does not work. The buttons are also blank i.e. no icon indicating function. It almost looks like they were forced remove them for a patent issue or something. When you click the blank pic button it blinks the LEDs like it's supposed to and the the blank video button blinks the back leds but nothing goes to the SD card. However if you use the buttons on the app it does get stored to the sdcard.
Toby noname
16.12.2018 00:04:17
Nice video, i have one question tho: how long is it working, because i dont want an super drone that works only one week.
maestro project
09.10.2019 14:07:32
dis visuo xs812. possible to connect to 4g smartphone????
Ron Brown
20.09.2018 21:49:56
When these Mavic clones first arrived on the scene more than a year, they were missing the most important feature, the GPS. So finally they decided to add the GPS. And they still kept the price way under $100. And how them adding a camera option, I talked you before that the advanced toy grade drones should off a higher end camera version. Another great review Pete, you really put this thing through paces.
Eddie Davis
20.09.2018 18:01:19
Thanks for the review. This one seems like it needs some work, still a little buggy. What's up with that battery meter, it's all over the place. And after it landed it shot up to 60%. Maybe you have a bad battery or the C rating is to low for that quad.
Tegno Eric
30.10.2018 19:51:28
Thank you for this interesting video. please this drone can do orthophotos for mapping? thanks
Aubrey Mccoy
20.09.2018 12:11:19
Can you tell me what phone smartphone other words in Android would do 5G Wi-Fi and second isn't the gearing in this the same as the battle shark and the one before it. Thank you great videos.
Dennis Yu
25.02.2019 06:31:27
between visuo xs812, xs809s and xs816 which is better and you recomend?
02.10.2018 22:55:44
Did you see by chance the5mp version? Have you tried or saw it? if you have ,How big of a difference is there really?
26.09.2018 22:31:49
ill go with my bugs 5w thanks lol.they should just stop making these with brushed motors, it is a waste of money.
01.10.2018 12:51:19
is it possible to record a video during the waypoint mode???
Sammy Noel
30.12.2018 09:29:47
Really good video