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15.09.2021 03:57:46
FPV A Walk in the Park- Long Island, New York фото

As we near the end of summer, enjoy a FPV (First Person View) walk through Hendrickson Park and Valley Stream State Park. The sound has been left untouched with no music added to enhance your immersion on this mini trek.

The first half of this video will immerse you in calming views of a lake and the subtle hustle of a walk in a suburban park. Hendrickson, while humble, is a beautiful park that provides the much needed escape we all need every now and then. This particular day the park was filled with migratory ducks, a treat for all the animal lovers.

The second half of this video offers a calmer environment for you to lose yourself in. Valley Stream State Park is separated from Hendrickson Park by a simple two way road. Once you enter the gates you will hear nature calling: the birds, the sounds of the wind gently rushing through the leaves with the occasional rush that fills your ears and litters the air with beautiful leaves. This park offers a lush green view that will satisfy our lovers of nature. You may also catch the occasional glimpse of a hare or squirrel as it scurries away from your presence.

This video is perfect for those who appreciate beautiful scenery and natural sounds in their home, perhaps as background noise while guests are present. Office environments will also find the video as an appropriate, soothing alternative to rotations of still pictures. This video is sure to enhance the ambiance in any personal or professional setting. Finally, for those who are limited by time, lifestyle, and/or circumstance, this video will provide an almost one (1) hour un-looped escape that you can indulge in at your leisure without leaving your home, office, or other area of rest.

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