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15.09.2021 02:27:39
XJet says FPV is dead. Wez takes DJI to 13+ km! (FPV News with JB and ItsBlunty) фото

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0:00 - Intro music
3:00 - Show begins

Drone Show at the Renegade Burn 2021 - La Playa Flya

AT&T launches drones that provide cell service to areas impacted by natural disaster

Xjet says FPV is dead?
* - Link to Webinar

Video details a chart, but this chart was from a larger presentation by a third party Think Tank, The Eno Center for Transportation
* This information was not provided by the FAA, this is a proposal by Eno to be presented as their future for UAS safety
* Basic ideas presented are that a record of no real issues, does not mean there are no issues.

ExpressLRS for SBUS only FC? Yes! (ELRS devs respond in record time!)
* In just 6 days, Bry added CRSF Inversion support, so that if there is an inverter on an RX pad, you can still use ELRS

DRL finds a new sponsor in Crypto, Algorand
* - What is Algorand?

Interview with Carl by Chris Rosser and Series on FPV Video systems and How They Work
* - Interview
* - How Analog works
* _ExdmqA - How DJI FPV works
* - How HDZero/Sharkbyte works

DJI for long distance? Wezley Varty takes DJI to 13+ km!

Controlling Drones through Direct Vision: drone flies where you look!
* Look where you want to fly

Best way to mount your capacitor? On ESC or XT60 plug?

Rant: Uncrashed Sim sucks. Why do people like it so much?
* __FPV_Drone_Simulator/

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This is my full time job
ultimate fpv shopping list

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David Karas
15.09.2021 03:41:24
fpv alive n well in my world
Dobby Dobinson
15.09.2021 03:27:43
At least XJet is being proactive in trying to keep this hobby accessible to everyone - not sitting back and watching it be slowly eroded (or potentially made vulnerable in the future). He has no ulterior motives and he is not just thinking about himself regarding this hobby. Taking a "Wait and See" approach could well be the death of this hobby's freedoms. Go and take the time to watch his other videos to see the overall behind the scenes picture. Keep ignoring Bruce - he'll just get louder and louder.