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15.09.2021 05:13:09
Droning On: After Dark - Day 2 - Drone Safety Awareness Week фото

Droning On: After Dark is a different side of Drone Safety Awareness Week. It takes place from 9-10pm EST, Monday- Thursday, September 13-16.

Each of the evening events will have an FAA representative speaking to members of a recreational subgroup about their hobby. The conversations will connect to the daily themes of Drone Safety Awareness Week and explore the many aspects of the drone community.

Monday we start with Freestyle FPV and quad drones. Tuesday we will be talking about FPV Racing, Wednesday is Modelling, and on Thursday we will have a live virtual drone race! Make sure that you tune in for all of our Droning On: After Dark events.

Drone Safety Awareness Week
FAA Drone Safety Awareness Week
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Drones After Dark
Droning on after dark

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