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25.06.2017 05:15:21
MJX B2W Bugs 2 WiFi FPV Brushless With 1080P HD Camera GPS RC Quadcopter RTF фото

Awesome GPS quadcopter from MJX!!!
Some of the features are 1080p HD recording, one key return to home point, failsafe return to home point and the low voltage return to home point. In this video, the quadcopter is examined and flown line of sight and the GPS RTH functions are tested and the photos and videos are shown from the built in camera/dvr.

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Thank you MJX for providing the quadcopter for this video.

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wifi fpv
mjx bugs2

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25.06.2017 23:25:29
Grate review and flight demo Pete. Dod.
Narrow Deep
21.01.2019 08:55:21
i like to have your bugs reviews rolling in the back round while i do my bugs mods. watched/listened to this video many times and just caught the part where your talking about modes and when speaking on Mode 4 you quietly say, "which i cannot comprehend". i laughed out loud!
Mike Bee
21.11.2017 00:40:36
I don't think you understand, GPS it's only good for within 6 to 9 feet also with D-GPS.
len allan
11.07.2017 12:04:00
great review. can you take off manually not the auto one button launch??
rossinka rossova
13.08.2017 23:36:31
Hello, I would like to buy dron mjx bugs b2w. Dron has 5 GHz image transmission. Do I need a / b / g / n / ac Wi-Fi reception on my mobile phone? Without bandwidth ac I will not receive the picture and if so is the little ones, right? Wifi bandwidth in a phone that has only b / g / n without ac is not about enough, is it? Thank you in advance for your reply
Rod Leanojr
05.02.2018 05:42:11
I bought one but d wifi doesnt connect with my fone both samsung and iphone... even tried pressing the camera icon for 8 sec but still no connection...
10.01.2018 01:47:03
Just ordered one around Christmas time and it is finally on its way now. You have done an awesome demo of it, just saw it today for the first time, good job man. When I read about all the features I was amazed. They actually said they could not send it to canada for some reason, but after a few emails they some how found a way to send it. It was on a promotion for Xmas so maybe Canada was not on their list for the promo, but just guessing. I noticed in your video a little annoying defect or bubble in the centre of the lense or the centre of the video. I wonder if this was just a defect in your model or is it in all the quads? Anyway, a great looking little quadcopter. Happy Flying.
28.12.2017 07:34:18
You didn’t record what it looked like when you took it out of box. Were the props already on?
Ron Thompson
29.07.2017 17:50:08
Thanks you for the info
len allan
11.07.2017 12:07:51
in the video recordedr you can see the props at the top of the screen , is there the option to angle the camera lense down a bit??