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09.08.2019 01:28:24
Potensic D88 NO BS SUGAR REVIEW Foldable Drone 5G WiFi FPV Drone with 2K Camera RC Quadcopter фото

BALLER ????EDITION Drone here IPhone ???? Se used FOR APP

#drone #rc #potensic #jaydrone #review

no bs

Категория: Развлечения
Теги: drone, potensic, review, foldable, wifi, fpv, with, camera, quadcopter, sugar, app

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07.01.2020 13:26:14
Hammer Drohne. Habe den Kauf nicht bereut, und das noch für Unter 290€ amzn.to/35B05QJ Empfehlung ist auf jedenfall da.
Raj Kumar
11.11.2019 23:08:35
There is a lot of wobble in the footage. Which drone is better to avoid wobble?
RCFun's Diversions
09.08.2019 01:29:06
First...I win!!
Bill Globalrc
10.08.2019 23:34:45
BS, never trust a person that says "trust me" and never trust a person that says "no BS" because there is no reason to say this.
Gibson Angel René
09.08.2019 07:15:53
I am still looking for a indoor drone whit a long flying time a small drone
Exploring with Griz
27.08.2019 06:10:29
I would love to know how you get your hands on so many these drones bro...
Tim Nelson
19.08.2019 06:00:38
Unwatchably spastic.
09.08.2019 02:35:01
Sure looks like a pretty, silver Bugs 4w
deadguy79 79
09.08.2019 02:43:05
If you lower the camera just so the props are out of the picture much better video
Todd Montgomery
09.08.2019 07:10:50
What's up looks like a nice flyer ????... app sucks for fpv... camera ok just to jittery...????...
Jenna Rose Chloe
30.01.2020 18:37:44
Thx for sharing this video!Is it compatible with a Samsung Galaxy S8+?
Gibson Angel René
09.08.2019 07:01:30
W.G. Brown
09.08.2019 02:53:37
I was a little curious about this one, have been a big fan of Potensic for a while, Thanks Jay Does that use the X Drone app like the D80 ?
09.08.2019 04:38:32
Great review Jay. Thanks for sharing ????????????????
The Watchman News
02.11.2019 19:52:36
This is what I was talking to you about last night in the Potensic group that my D58 does. The Wifi range sucks. I think I am going to try to use a Wifi range extender to see if that helps since the Wifi antennas on phones suck. I'm Mike BTW on facebook.
22.12.2019 22:01:18
Wow, you should really take down this video and re-do it when you understand how to properly operate the Drone.
Adrian Mateo Drones
10.08.2019 00:13:47
What’s up Jay? My drone brother from another mother. Great video my man. Thanks for sharing this great video with us. This drone looks very good and reliable my friend. Please keep those good videos coming. Nicely done and good job.. ????????????????????????????‍✈️????‍✈️✌️✌️????????
deep5 inc
24.01.2020 19:25:08
Hi! I wanted to know what 5G means? Does it fly in our 4G phones or wifi? I am located in India where 5G is not yet available. Does it mean that i will not be able to use it? Please advice.
Michael Belshe
27.08.2019 02:08:21
I have the JJRC X11. They are the exactly the same drone. If I loose FPV I have to wait for it to get back a little closer to reconnect. However I have gotten my out to 1050 meters. It is a fun beginner drone and I haven't had any problems with it.
Eri Espinoza
12.12.2019 00:24:58
Make a d85 review I just bought it and is kind of hard to fly and it doesn't stay in place