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19.07.2019 02:17:51
ZLRC "Beast" SG906 5G Wifi GPS FPV Drone with 4K Camera фото

Check out the Beast here! $139!!!
Quadcopter provided by Tomtop

Brushless GPS quads are now the norm and with foldable arms and foldable props, they are compact in size for transport but huge once folded out.

The pricing is also really nice with features like return to home, GPS position hold with optical flow sensor assist, failsafe return to home and low voltage return to home all working flawlessly for a carefree flight even for beginners.

Wifi phone app offers a slew of extra features and it can also be flown with the phone app as the main controller.

4k camera couldn't be verified. Only could record to wifi phone app since there is no sd card dvr.

Thanks for watching :)

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The stuff I use :

FlySky FS-iA6 2.4G 6CH AFHDS Receiver

Jumper T8SG V2.0 Plus Carbon Special Edition Hall Gimbal Multi-protocol Advanced Transmitter for Flysky Frsky - Mode 2 (Left Hand Throttle)

FPV 2.4G 2W 2000mW Mini Radio Signal Booster For DJI Phantom

Taranis Q x7s

Taranis Q X7

headplay goggles

Skyzone goggles

runcam 2

Jumper T8SG

HQ Prop DP 5x4.3x3 V1S Black

HQ Prop DP 5x4.3x3 V1S Pink

Gemfan 5152

Gemfan 5149

Cyclone T5046C

Ethix S3 Prop Watermelon

Frsky XM+

CNHL 1300MAH 100C 4S LIPO &product_id=4

HOBBYMATE D6 Duo Pro Battery Charger


AKK A3 FPV AIO Micro Camera vvv

Hobbymate D16 frsky telemetry receiver

Realacc TFP-Mini Triple Feed Patch Dia. 45mm Antenna With Terminator - Black

Song: Rameses B - There For You [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.

ZLRC Beast SG906 5G Wifi GPS FPV Drone with 4K Camera

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Doug Crum
22.07.2019 22:52:40
Great video but the lack of an SD port is a non starter for me..
birdman316 RC
24.07.2019 03:03:11
nice looking kwad bro!
Kevin Wilkerson
16.09.2019 15:29:24
That red warning means you didn’t buy a Mavic Pro ha ha
errol aguinaldo
20.12.2019 13:38:08
Sir can i still use this drone even if my phone doesnt support 5g wifi? i mean can i still see the camera?
Aami AIjnk.iìwe5emmarp
16.11.2019 16:38:49
I bought this model in Singapore i used it for two weeks there than i took it back to my home town after i came back its wifi is not working, whenever i turned it on wifi is not displaying on mobile . Please guide how to troubleshoot its wifi
Uk sewing machine service
23.07.2019 01:04:19
Looking really good mate nice drone great review on it mate nice one don ????????????????????????????????
06.09.2019 13:11:36
I think the short flight time was due to the strong winds.
keith foamy
04.09.2019 03:26:22
Is this Beast SG906 for sale in USA, if so who can I buy from? Thank You
Treasure Geo
14.01.2020 04:57:16
Where are you Apple Valley, Barstow, Lucerne, Johnson valley?
19.07.2019 14:07:30
What brand of camera you use to record your reviews. The video is so clear and sharp. The sound is great too.
30.11.2019 07:22:25
Like 361 and new subscriber brother, next week I’m supposed to get my SG906 wish we luck...✌????????
18.12.2019 03:12:59
I have the SG906 when I start the propellers if I don't take off right away it shots off is that normal
Game Core
30.07.2019 16:17:09
Tell me please, I bought this quad 2 days ago, and it flies 10 minutes and comes back home, takes off again, and already 10-15 minutes flies all the time, writes (low battery) the battery in low charge mode, “you will not fly further than 20 meters” and charging, the third compartment on the battery is charged the longest, "about 5 hours." Is it normal, or a problem with the battery, and how to solve it?
Tommy Drone's Drone Reviews &am
02.01.2020 04:51:18
We know the Low voltage return to home works. Great video review.
Ilias Divos
10.12.2019 09:59:12
Hello friend. Can I ask? This drone is working only with 5g ? Cause I cannot connect with my mobile.. (huawei p9 lite)
Matteo Bossetti
30.01.2020 00:08:09
Today I was out with my beast and after a 10-15 min fly it started behaving oddly by waving back and forth for a while then I just lost control and it crashed on the ground. Luckily without any serious damages and I was able to put it back in the air and fly again. I was close to a power plant. Could it be any interference from the power plant which decalibrated the drone sensors?
10.01.2020 05:05:09
Mr. RC Escape. Very good demo. I totally envy your location for flying. Where I live you might end up getting your drone tangled in spanish moss. Keep up your contributions to this great sport!
RC Escape
01.10.2019 08:34:20
Coupon Codes!!! bit.ly/2msPJ4E
19.07.2019 09:50:24
like 36
Damith Wijekoon
08.01.2020 05:57:23
Very good review Is this drone automatically connect to the gps ? Please advise
Aami AIjnk.iìwe5emmarp
24.11.2019 10:20:12
Hi Sir, here is one of your fan from Pakistan and requires help based on your expertise. I bought ZLRC beast Sg906 drone from Singapore to Pakistan. Its wifi was working there but its not working since i came back to my hometown. Whenever I turned it on its not creating hotspot and its wifi is not available in the list of available wifi. I have tried it on My Samsung S8 it was working in Singapore. I suspect that its 5G wifi module is damaged or something. I have posted on different forums but couldn't get the desired answer. Some on told me that i need to replace its camera module which slides out of drone as its wifi or video transmitter is in its camera module. I wants your guidence should i need to replace camera module for wifi problem? Hiw these two camera and wifi link to each other as during flight i move the camera via RC and it was moving up and down. So buying new camera module will solve my problem?
14.08.2019 20:40:35
Hey RC Escape!! I love your reviews!!! Informative & honest!!! Your in my top 2 drone reviewers!!! Your Awesome!! I can't find a YouTube review on this drone. No one has done it. It's the Allcaca wrj636 GPS 720p, dual cam front & bottom, selfie drone, gesture photo & video, remote with pullout phone holder, can download app for follow person or object, draw path, optical dual positioning hover, 3.7v 1600 mAh @ 158 grams, prop guards, landing gear, 3D VR headset capable, bottom dual color lights, plus more. On Walmart site for $61(out of stock), but found in stock on pcpowerexpress.com for $80. 1080p for $110 & 4k for $150. I'm new at this although I've been looking at drone videos for a few years now. Picked up a while back the Sharper Image Dx3, dx4, & dx5. The 5 said bye bye a week ago when it was close to me & went straight up although controller turned off, it kept going. Prior, I modified both dx4 & dx5 to bring antenna outside of drone & dx4 has 1 but dx5 had 2. If you would, do some homework & email me what you think & if you intend to get it for a review. Again keep up the good work!!
Alan Foxman
21.12.2019 22:34:04
Is the wifi capable of being secured with a password? Is that even something to be concerned about? (I.e., that there could be interference on an unsecured wifi signal that could interfere with the operations?) As I'm new to drones this may be a stupid question but...Are there FAA regulations to be concerned about? (I happen to live below the flight path of a small airport and there's always small aircraft and small jets flying over to land nearby and I dont want to have any issues there).
08.01.2020 21:52:38
I just want to ask questions sir. If this wifi version Wi-Fi 802.11 а/b/g/n/ac, is it compatible with that drone..?
19.07.2019 09:50:49
great job as usual....looks like a winner my friend
Kenneth Yim
30.07.2019 07:07:23
Is this a Mavic Air knockoff?
19.07.2019 10:14:53
Good review Pete, glad to see your impressions of this drone and i'm happy to see you didn't have 1st stage LVC geofence issues that i experienced in my flight test a couple months ago. The flight time on your review sample seem a fair bit less than what i got with mine, also i noticed your app layout up the top telemetry bar has that Green Star icon which mine did not have, i wonder what that is meant to be for as the number counter fluctuate up and down next to that icon? any ideas? I have seen others that have reviewed the SG906 that has the same green star also.For the price at $139 its not a bad deal with the carry bag included, this drone was around $169US at the time of my review! I will have to fly mine again sometime and give it another chance to see if mine behaves the same way it did lol. Thanks for Sharing Pete ????????????
Sleeping Bear
19.07.2019 04:39:26
That is a beast! Nice looking bird needs sd card..but 30 amp esc is sweet great review!
KK Soon
10.08.2019 06:50:25
Hi guys, any others options with this price with come with SD Card option to recommend? Just additional will it be good enough or something else to look for?
19.07.2019 11:20:46
I don't mind proprietary batteries in general. But all these new ones leave NO way to use a hobby charger. The Bugs 5w is proprietary but could be adapted with a $3 cable because it had a balance plug coming out of the thing the battery plugged into. So you could use a hobby charger.This is important for:1. Faster charge2. Checking the voltage.3. Doing a proper storage charge. Certainly no way to do a precise storage charge with this setup.So we are back to the 4 idiot lights and really no idea how much charge is in the battery.Pete, have you heard of any way to use a hobby charger on these micro usb batteries?
John Gilmore
30.12.2019 04:25:15
5 hour charge the next model will be out before its finished charging
19.07.2019 04:37:09
Great review Pete, I'm really liking this quad looks. ????????????????
aa bb
02.11.2019 15:55:10
Question: I have received my SG907 but after gyro and mag calibration and unlocking(motors turn on ), when I push the throttle, the motors turn off. The included manuals are totally useless piece of crap and seem to be broken English. How can I start the drone flying?
Ian Lavender
21.07.2019 10:59:47
Bullshit video as usual.
AlanPolska 38
21.09.2019 13:19:49
I can find the dron in wifi
jerome arcillo
14.10.2019 02:06:36
there is no gimbal..