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17.12.2018 03:31:54
Snaptain A15 Foldable FPV WiFi Drone - Demo & Review фото

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Категория: Наука и техника
Теги: drone, snaptain, fpv, wifi, demo, review, foldable, budget, dronemavic, clonefpv, dronereviewquadcopterbest

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Super Duper cutie
27.12.2019 02:36:17
Sorry how do i put this on my phone so i can see it from my phone
Ivan Graves
28.06.2019 01:44:30
I crashed and one of my props stopped working. How do you replace?
Harry Lato
06.05.2019 22:37:11
I checked this company out before i purchased the drone i have and this company only has 3 drones which i disliked.I'll take my money somewhere else.
Rich Daly
07.11.2019 18:06:27
Thank you
Mahmoud Eledrissi
17.06.2019 16:07:51
which one shot better video quality or both the same ?
08.10.2019 16:19:10
Had my hopes up for an honest review but once you said "on you phone you see everything that the drone sees, which is pretty cool", yeah this isn't a review. It's an add. Thanks and fuck you