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03.12.2016 13:36:44
How to Fly a Drone Quad with Phone using WiFi UFO or Wifi FPV App фото

Tutorial on how to setup the WiFi FPV WiFi UFO app to fly and control your drone, Quad etc. I hope it helps you and thumbs up as it will encourage me to do more ;-) Thanks for watching.
WiFi FPV for Android:
WiFi FPV for Apple:
WiFi UFO for Android:
WiFi UFO for Apple:

How To

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28.02.2019 15:23:04
how much the battery is getting low in minutes ? And the charging time is really 2 hours?
Noè Giussani
02.08.2018 00:45:39
helped a lot, cheers from Switerland
Marnix Munneke
24.12.2018 00:21:15
Thanks for your video! Informatif
14.02.2020 12:33:44
so bored
Fratt House
04.10.2018 09:19:07
Thank you for this video, helped me out a lot
Tang Ryan
02.02.2019 16:10:22
thanks for sharing the app
28.07.2018 13:22:02
Thanks for sharing.mreally helpful but I have a problem.When I press the arrow in bottom left it doesn't start ?
L’immortale 13
05.02.2019 03:41:35
hi what is the name of this drone? on which site was purchased? thank you so much
12.08.2018 12:57:50
excellent how to, you should be a teacher!Thanks for making it it helped me a lot
adam vaughan
29.03.2019 08:26:59
I just watched like 5 or your videos, and I just wanna say thank you. I can now do the urban exploring pictures I've been wanting
The Zewp 22
11.05.2019 05:05:59
Where is the footage on the phone itself
04.11.2018 10:54:08
Exactly what I needed to know,thanks a lot -nice clear video :)
Yendesian Naidoo
18.07.2019 13:44:02
Very helpful... Thank you.
Ninjabooche Man
26.12.2018 02:35:19
I subbed I just got into drones and after a few vids I’ve been getting some great tips keep up the great work
03.08.2019 23:21:43
Quem é do Brasil da like
Tashu Gupta
07.03.2019 02:51:27
Which drones does this work for?
Ray's Astrophotography
27.07.2018 14:21:04
Moser Lanny
24.04.2019 00:15:52
EXCELLENT TEACHING VIDEO. I loved the way you explained the importance of order of, setup, downloading wifi linking and every button and feture of the " WiFi UFO " app.I could not see the very last part of your video. IT WAS MOSTLY COVERED UP WITH SUGGESTED FUTURE VIDEOS. I wish you would redo this video. And in your future videos leave your last screen on 10 seconds longer or end your videos with 10 seconds of black or blank back ground.
Anas Ahmed
23.01.2020 19:40:17
Bro how will change wings in jxd drone
12.03.2019 14:06:53
I have downloaded the SKY_WIFI app will it work on it?
Twist 926
04.01.2019 01:34:58
great video but how do you save it on your camera roll because i have a drone that uses the same app but i can’t figure out how to save it
Abraham Gaytán
03.04.2019 19:48:56
No sirve para un Huawei P9
Moser Lanny
24.04.2019 06:06:09
If the WiFi UFO app is in VR display how is the drone's direction controled by the viewer? Only by it's original controler? A universal bluetooth paired controler? Or what?Thanks in advance. Will the WiFi link to the drone over ride any nearby rf original joystick controler on the same frequency?
Tigger's RC Reviews
09.11.2018 18:21:46
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Manju Vinod
28.05.2019 17:47:44
What is the apps name
Jundenie Gonzales
04.12.2018 13:04:35
Hi.. How to hover the drone? You did not mentioned anything a bit of hovering.
13.09.2018 19:32:43
14.07.2019 08:37:45
Женя Стецюра
10.01.2019 22:41:18
all wrong, my shows "connection not ready"
25.02.2020 18:56:20
so, basically. do i need to just start the app and then it will connect to my drone?
Елесей Журавлев
17.12.2019 17:26:54
tresiboy tresiboy
05.05.2019 10:08:28
I love your vids! Your explanation is making me buy that drone!????
mhd Farish
19.01.2020 08:32:04
Suitable with all cheap drone?
szypekwsp szypekwsp
25.01.2019 16:04:40
Mine has ssid: VSLCAM_1DAB80. When connected, i go to WiFi_UFO app and camera does not come up. If i press ON button in the app the drone's LEDs are still flashing. Any idea? Any help
Terry Isaac
06.07.2019 04:29:20
Hunter T
18.03.2019 07:06:52
Hola gracias pero porque no puedo prender la camara de mi drone???
Elleanne Reign Bayon On
26.04.2019 14:11:08
My drone is idrone i5,but i dont know how to use it.its my first time to bought it.and what kind of apps do i need go to install? Please help.
09.12.2018 02:59:39
Thanks. Nice video!
cartoon forever
25.09.2018 23:38:50
I do that and my drone is ufo but not work
Lit Kid
30.12.2019 20:33:03
My WiFi isn’t working for my drone
Bob Sturgis
09.07.2018 02:08:26
I just picked a new mini drone from nanocam fpv,with your instructions,i now understand how to use the app.Thanks so much.:}
best gamer Telugu buddy
25.12.2019 12:54:43
Plz keep about how to return the drone to home
Skids 145
05.01.2020 10:10:52
I love that drone! What is it called?
12.03.2019 22:54:39
What does the sixth button up does?
Ashley Aumeer
07.04.2019 08:51:26
can some1 help me how to connect my phone with a gopro karma..the remote controller isnt working.. when im trying to connect the drone via my phone its asking for passwrd. i dnt have the password
Errol Heywood
05.09.2018 23:06:39
Because this is my first quad I had a lot to learn, and still do. Because my thumbs were so large in comparison to the iPhone 6s screen I downloaded the app onto my iPad instead which, because the app is really for the iPhone doubles the screen size. Much better for big thumbs!
30.11.2018 01:38:44
Does not work
AN android
19.10.2018 19:12:37
I bought this drone . but hé is not take vidéos and picture
Kenneth Dandurand
30.10.2019 21:32:30
BASICS. HOW do you scan it on?????
David Gard
31.12.2019 13:09:11
Thanks mate.
Sudip Chakma
01.03.2019 16:17:36
I am from India place give me app name
Black Canary
20.04.2019 20:10:07
I have the same drone my left propel the green 1 wont spin
Cheap Fentanyl
14.11.2018 19:18:57
Mine won't connect to wifi
18.02.2020 03:37:19
Good vlog mate. I have been flying mine for weeks now and just started using the app. Not accustomed to it but your video was very helpful. I really enjoyed the fact you speak slowly. The video these days have very fast speaking instructions that are difficult to follow. Yours was great. I will check out your videos to see what else you have reviewed. Funny thing, I have never seen a skate park with leaves in the bottom from lack of use....?Go Figure.
j bloggs
15.12.2018 18:10:03
What a wonderful tutorial, clear, concise, comprehensive, and technically great. Many thanks.
Divyendru Dev
02.11.2018 12:14:49
Shukriya brother
Une très Belle poutre
30.08.2019 22:07:03
What's your drone please ?
j bloggs
03.01.2019 13:56:07
Very useful video, thanks. I´ve just got an eachine e58, which works fine with the controller, but does not make contact with the app JY UFO. I have changed the wifi setting to the drones, but get no picture or any interaction with the phone.
Nikola Medved
27.09.2018 00:14:06
This video explanation actually saved me me from throwing my drone away. :) Thank you
Kookies and suga with no jams
20.05.2019 03:24:55
When i start it it goes foward right away
Anh-Tu Phuc Hoang
13.05.2019 06:24:33
Tedd Jacobs
08.02.2019 14:25:38
Thank you for the very easy to follow instructions & explanations. I couldnt have made it work without this video!
Ill.Tyrone Johnson, 33'
18.01.2019 11:22:00
I really enjoy your videos, so much so today I took my madan flight and in my house with my RC Drone 8807 Quard, I took off got up and traveled into the kitchen turned around and traveled back to the living area and landed.Talk about jazzed for my first real flight period, now I'm working on the on screen controls so I can get a feel for thembut mostly I'm working on line of flight. Thank you
ruby kaufman
06.08.2018 10:15:06
JJRC is the only App that works for me, and if you happen to own the JJRC H47 plus, the controller for it will work with this H37 type models even though they may be branded something else!
King Omnis
05.08.2019 21:09:00
I just baught an emotion drone i flew it and pressed down inside and it worked but i happend to do it out doors and it wont fly anymore :(
28.11.2019 02:57:29
i have a eachine e58 and it connects but doesnt work
Justin Schulze
01.08.2018 19:20:36
My wifi wont connect??
09.02.2020 18:39:50
This is one of the crappiest drones
24.02.2019 08:13:36
the whole video no flight testing. thumb down.
01.12.2019 17:36:48
I can fly my drone but I can’t get the camera or controls to work Plz halp
karnajeet Sharma
04.03.2019 12:32:40
just fly moron ! any kid can figure out how to fly ????
01.05.2019 18:06:52
youtu.be/IIrHr9iOlI8My first drone... Cheap
12.09.2018 22:27:41
Great video Sir. I have the Red5 fx 105 selfie drone and installed the FX 105 official software which does not work so will try this when I get home. Out of interest do you know flight time of an fx 105 drone as got mine used with no instructions? Thanks again for great video.
Phil Chandler
31.08.2019 12:21:42
I wish all instructional videos were as clear as this one. Great work.
Samuel Kasoka
24.08.2019 14:42:09
Thanks for the great help...now I just wanna know the skills
Juan López López
21.01.2019 11:40:49
thanks ???? bro
Don Podlas
20.08.2018 04:28:10
Great video...I have flown a few drones but none using a phone app...really doesn't look that hard...Thanks for this information...very well done.
11.06.2019 17:00:30
I wouldnt buy a quad or anything that uses a phone as a controller...Real sticks or nothing
Random VFXvideo
16.12.2019 13:29:43
My drone wifi is connected to Android phone but I can't see any video
j bloggs
15.12.2018 18:16:09
Following my last comment; I forgot to say, because I was so enthusiastic about your tutorial, that my eachine E58 does not make a connection with my App. The wifi I get upon switching my e58 on is called HD-a4c291 and I can connect to it but the drone doesn´t react to it at all. The drone works ok with the manual electronic control device. I have tried different mobile devices and different Apps. Thanks in advance for your help.
28.12.2019 18:55:58
after i used the app i couldnt use the controller i need help
12.03.2019 22:55:06
Thanks btw!
Roshan M
23.03.2019 23:20:07
A nice clear way of explanation, I have one question when I connect the drone to its wifi and use the app I don't get the wifi connected icon on my phone on the top where it shows the wifi signal icon, but the drone is still connected.what's the reason for it?
Dave Holden
27.07.2018 19:17:53
Im a Bit late with my comment as this vid JUST showed up on my YouTube prompt (?) I had to find this WiFi UFO app when a "dedicated" app did not work for one of my JJRC drones. Im now getting a similar problem with my Cheerson CX 10WD TX app(CX10WIFI). Worked for awhile then stopped working. Had to try CX_WIFIUFO (Both apps by Steve Chan)Not meant for that specific model but it works!
31.05.2019 19:00:05
wifi drone meaning you will use data or internet to fly
mario fernandes
13.05.2019 18:03:41
Thank you very useful video It saved my drone I was going to throw my drone because it was not connecting to the camera and the drone app was not working Thank you very much and the one who made this app
MS Vlogs
29.12.2019 15:25:16
I have ordered this drone yesterday
Robert Mills
31.07.2019 12:15:49
my quad 523 fly backwards and drops. any help pleasa
Som altomotivo de verdade
13.05.2019 23:17:49
Eu comprei um drone fold drone lf606 com câmara e Wi-Fi eu queria saber se tem Luiz de Led como liga eu tinha um sem câmera e tinha Led?
abel soriano
20.03.2019 06:07:29
I have a drone soon as I turn it on I don’t have a Controller with the app I don’t know why
Connie Walton
20.12.2019 05:21:45
I can't get propellers to start theY lock up
linda achieng
24.12.2018 15:37:15
Toy car
Potatoe Dog
08.08.2018 15:34:43
thanks,your video was really useful.now I can control my drone like a god :v
Luke Potsy
12.11.2018 13:10:40
First time using a drone and your vid has been very helpful thankyou ????
30.06.2019 20:38:20
First of all thank you for the video, very well done. Do you know how to effectively use the VR mode? It seems it was designed for the user to wear the smart phone using a headset, while using a second smart phone as the controller. Problem is I can't connect both of them to the wifi signal at the same time - it gives an error message. Thanks!
Ori Kedar
07.03.2019 15:55:56
whats the name of this drone model pls?
Terry Isaac
26.07.2019 05:20:47
Don't keep moving your right hand as you are talking!!! Very distracting and annoying!!!! Very decent explanation otherwise!!!